Anti-Graffiti And Civil Infrastructure Coatings From A&I Coatings

A&I Coatings, a family-owned business of quality coatings based in Australia, installs anti-graffiti and civil infrastructure coatings. The company talks about their products and services on their website.

[Perth, 6/13/2014] – A&I Coatings, a premier source quality coating in Australia, engages in the formulation and manufacturing of ultra-durable coating systems for anti-graffiti projects and civil infrastructure throughout the country and even overseas.

Variety of Coatings

According to A& I Coatings, customers can expect the best solutions in professional anti-graffiti coatings. The company offers a variety of high-performance non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings that are efficient and cost-effective measures for the business. The family-owned business notes that their products are the most suitable tools in protecting different surfaces in internal and external environments. Ensuring the highest level of satisfaction to clients, A& I Coatings provides competitive choices from solvent-based to water-based formulations.

The company provides heavy-duty and aesthetic enhancer coatings as well, which include Enviroflon 8480—one of the water borne anti-graffiti solutions. Another standout product is the Vitreflon 744 Two Pck Fluoropolymer, which has inherent low surface tension and high chemical resistance, according to A&I Coatings. The company explains that as an esteemed source of quality coatings, they make sure that each coating solution exceeds industry standards.

A Testament To The Company’s Values

A&I Coatings notes that they thrive on the dedication to honesty, despite the tight competition in the industry.With a team of chemists and expert personnel, they display integrity in all their dealings with clients and business associates. They train their staff and help them realise their full potential by heavily emphasising on research and development.

As an innovator in the industry, the company continually looks forward to future trends and changes, supported by a culture of continuous improvement. They uphold higher standards in providing exceptional customer service. The company seeks to understand the needs of every client and provide relevant information and services.


As a family-owned business, A&I Coatings is one of the engineers of ultra high performance coatings. They develop and manufacture innovative niche coatings like polyurethanes, fluoropolymers, epoxies and membrane coatings for applications ranging from the sealing of wind tower blades to long term production of steel and concrete. They offer free-of-charge specifications, guiding customers in in product usage rates. The firm continues to maintain a competitive leverage in the industry through breakthrough products and solutions.

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