Starting in Jaipur in 1995

Rajputana Cabs is a cab rental firm which offer taxi in Jaipur. They started in the year 1995 in Jaipur and since then they haven't looked back. Mr Singh started this venture with only two ambassador cars. They era of globalization started in 1991 in India and after that the city of Jaipur had many foreign tourists. This was the event which gave an idea to Mr Singh that as Jaipur is getting thousands of travellers every day so Taxi business is a good choice.

Since the first month of the new taxi business Mr Singh started receiving call for their services and since than Rajputana Cabs have entertained 10,000 clients till 2013. Now Rajputana Cabs has more than 25 cabs which has cars like Toyota, Tata & Suzuki. They have 2 offices in Jaipur and planning to open a 3rd one in 2014. Many wonders that what was the secret of Mr Singh which made Rajputana Cabs a success? Well its a just a single line which they have even mentioned on every page of their website. ""The term Sale is a secondary word for us. First and foremost "Excellent Customer Service" is our primary duty. Our aim is to make sure that your visit to our city is joyful and hence a chance to serve you again" Regards, Mr Chaturbhuj Singh."