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Companies are all looking for someone remarkable–that one individual with the precise mix of experience, skills and personality traits for the job. But recruiting is more than finding your next great candidate. You have to build and continually optimize a scalable business operation in order to modernize your organization’s recruitment function. For starters, 58 percent of employers don’t have a talent pipeline. This is where Zero Fee Recruiter can help you, with our passive recruiting automated system; we bring the perfectly qualified candidates to you.

No wonder it’s difficult to hire when most businesses don’t even maintain a go-to network of candidates. It starts with an engaging candidate experience. After having a bad candidate experience, 42 percent of candidates would never seek employment at that company again. It’s a tangled situation that demands a new approach. Here are the four new rules of recruiting:

1. Start sourcing from your employees’ social networks.

Great candidates are already in your social networks and your colleagues’ social networks, where you can connect with them and look up their profiles (a.k.a., the modern resume) to learn more about them. Start by empowering you colleagues to easily source talent from their social networks, because when talent receives a job opening from a friend, they are more likely to apply. At the end of the day, your talent pipeline should be filled with better candidates sourced through your colleagues’ trusted networks.

2. Get a move on mobile recruiting.

The robust talent pipeline I just told you about? You’ve got to make it mobile. Sixty-five percent of candidates who job search on a mobile device will leave a non-mobile optimized site without completing the application. These days, most people use online profiles, such as LinkedIn, to apply for jobs. If your job ad requires a resume attachment, no interested candidate will be able to express interest from his or her mobile phone. By letting candidates apply to jobs on their smartphones you are making it easy for great candidates to submit their online profile with just one tap.

3. Strengthen your employer brand across online and offline channels.

Candidates want to work for more than a salary. They want to align with a strong employer brand and join a mission with inspiring team members. At the same time, we live in an age of transparency where employer brand is more visible. It includes what your employees say on social media and what you publish across your digital properties, which filters into offline conversations. Candidates pay attention to all of this. Promote your company culture across social media and other digital channels.

4. Make hiring a team sport.

Let’s say you’ve followed all these rules and managed to attract some great candidates. How do you close the best one? Your colleagues are an indispensable part of the hiring decision. Three or four people in your business should interview every candidate. This collaborative approach will provide accurate assessment of the candidate. One person might overlook a red flag that another team member noticed, while you might pick up on a great aspect that your colleague missed. Collaborative decision-making is crucial to finding the best new hire.


The Answer;

We help you find great talent.

Zero Fee Recruiter is a new and better way to recruit.

We provide you with qualified professionals that we have contacted and vetted for each position you are looking to fill. We deliver only interested candidates that are available in your location and your salary range.

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ZFR focuses on passive candidates that we source through our proprietary system "Reach Out" and this enables our team to reach the candidates that are not actively looking...

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