Experience New Science and Technology: Laser Facial

Every woman is the deboted follower of beauty and they do make a lot of effort such like taking diet pill, face lifting. No matter give what price and endure what pain, women are all never leave or forsake for beauty. With the development of science, here comes a new way for beauty: Laser  Facial

Laser not only could cut the hardest thing in the world, but also could carve in human's face. It seems inconceivable at first, while it can come true. Nowadays, laser facial has been able to solve many skin problems. Find by hard and thorough search, the inventor of laser facial is Einstein. He came up with the stimulated radiation theory in last century, which lay the theory foundation of laser. In 1960s, Maiman produced the first ruby laser, and quickly applied to treatment of sexual skin lesions and tattoos. Soon afterwards, Continuous CO2 laser applied to treatment of basal cell carcinoma and carcinoma of the skin blood vessels. But the Continuous laser has a disadvantage. It is easy to cause scarring, pigmentation.

It is not until 1980s, scientists invented pulse laser equipment. It is not only curative effect well and the security well. It quickly applied to the field of medicine. Thus the concept of laser gradually formed. At present, the new type laser equipment is not only put into use in the treatment of pigmentary diseases and vascular disease, but in hair removal, treating wrinkle, acne treatment, eliminate fat. In addition, Photorejuvenation turns up, the scientific name is Intense Pulse Light Treatment. Although it is not laser in nature, they are with the same treat theory. Because of Photorejuvenation has a removing beverage, remove blood, tender skin and other combined effect. It is gentle with relatively few side effects. For these advantages, Photorejuvenation is popular with everyone and rapid promoted in medical hairdressing field.

Many women might doubt that is it safe to shoot laser on my face. It has been more than ten years since the invention of Photorejuvenation and has applied from Europe to Asia. It's treatment and security has been widely recognized. Japanese expert has done the clinical observation of a big sample in the crowd. Results show, 90% patients with pigmentation, 83% vasodilation patients, 65% the skin texture changes of the patients give a "GOOD" or "VERY GOOD". Only three cases of the blister and healed within 5 days without pigmentation or disfiguring scar. These data all proved that Photorejuvenation is safe.

Laser is almighty, can be used in many fields, besides the hairdressing we mentioned here, but also military, entertainment, astronomy and education. For the women who pursue beauty, you could have a try of laser facial. However, please be attention that don't thought it is simple and just bought a laser to deal with yourself, the laser we often mentioned such as laser pointer, handheld laser, for the use of pet's toy, presentation. The laser for laser facial via special processing, and operate by professional beauty specialist. Repeatedly remind, the common laser is forbidden to shoot to people's skin and eyes, so do the animals. If you do so, your skin will burn and damage retina, which leads to temporary or permanent blindness. Laser is a double edged sword, on the one hand, it can help us in many fields, but on the other hand, it may also hurt us. But as long as we pay much attention and do the protective measures at the same time, the hurt aspect can be avoided. Hope you can enjoy the fantastic time with laser.

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