China Portable Medical Equipment Industry Report 2013 - 2016

China Portable Medical Equipment Industry Report 2013 - 2016

With the synergy of favorable policies, improvement in living standards and healthcare awareness raising, China’s portable medical device industry has shown rapid development in recent years, with market size growing at a CAGR of 28.3% in 2008-2013 to approximately RMB44.21 billion in 2013.

Allowing for the low penetration of portable medical devices (for example, market penetration of household glucometer is under 10% as opposed to the level of 90% in Europe, the United States and other developed countries), increasingly aging population, etc., China’s portable medical device market size is expected to remain above 25% growth rate in 2013-2016.

In China, portable medical devices are mainly used for home and clinical purposes, with market share of roughly 2:1 in 2013. Portable glucometer, electronic sphygmomanometer and electronic hearing aid as three hit products of China’s home-use portable medical device market accounted for a combined 93.6% in 2013.

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Thus far, foreign-funded enterprises seize lion's share of China’s portable medical device market. Take household electronic sphygmomanometer and portable glucometer markets in 2013 for example, Japan-based OMRON accounted for more than 60% of China’s electronic sphygmomanometer market, followed by Andon Health, a domestic player whose market share was merely around 15%; America-based Johnson & Johnson and Switzerland-based Roche took 35% and 20% share of the Chinese portable glucometer market, separately, while the third and fourth-ranked domestic counterparts – Yicheng Bioelectronics and Sinocare only saw a combined share of 25%.

In China, clinical-use portable medical devices refer to portable multi-parameter monitor, portable diasonograph, portable electrocardiograph, interventional medical devices, portable fetal monitor, etc., of which, portable multi-parameter monitor and portable diasonograph occupy higher market share, respectively 32.5% and 25.0% of clinical-use portable medical device market in 2013.

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Table of Content

1. Overview of Portable Medical Device

2. China Portable Medical Device Market 

2.1 Status Quo 

2.2 Related Policies 

2.3 Market Size

2.4 Trends 

2.4.1 Increasing Market Share of Domestic Enterprises

2.4.2 Emergence of Wearable Medical Devices

2.4.3 More Convenient and Extending Medical Service 

2.4.4 Promising Market 

3. Home-Use Portable Medical Devices in China 

3.1 Product Structure 

3.2 Electronic Sphygmomanometer

3.3 Portable Glucometer

3.4 Digital Hearing Aid 

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4. Clinical-Use Portable Medical Devices in China 

4.1 Product Structure

4.2 Portable Multi-Parameter Monitor

4.3 Portable Diasonograph

4.4 Interventional Medical Devices

4.4.1 Insulin Pump

4.4.2 Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker

4.4.3 Capsule Endoscopy

4.5 Portable Electrocardiograph

4.6 Intelligent Infusion Pump

5. Leading Overseas Enterprises 

5.1 Johnson & Johnson

5.1.1 Profile 

5.1.2 Operation 

5.1.3 Portable Medical Device 

5.1.4 Development in China 


5.2.1 Profile

5.2.2 Operation

5.2.3 Portable Medical Device

5.2.4 Development in China

5.3 A&D

5.3.1 Profile

5.3.2 Operation

5.3.3 Portable Medical Device

5.3.4 Development in China

5.4 Roche

5.4.1 Profile

5.4.2 Operation

5.4.3 Portable Medical Device

5.4.4 Development in China

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