Steady Growth in 2015 with Online Store

2014 was HarborWare's strongest year yet, with well-over a 100% sales increase during it's peak season of March, April, May and June and an overall 60% sales increase for the entire year (from 2013 to 2014). Dock floats in the boat docks category still ranks as the highest selling product for HarborWare.

In 2015 HarborWare is expecting more steady growth that will be attributed to a growing economy and job market. There are no plans to add new products in 2015, though R&D will continue to refine existing offerings to improve product performance.

In other news, HarborWare's own Brent Cannon (CEO) and Joey Cannon (President) have been investing and working on building a new church in the city of Gravette, AR. Clarion Call Church will meet in an old renovated skating rink on Main Street that will seat more than 500 people. For more information regarding the church, please email