World Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

June. 19, 2014 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on "World Hybrid & Electric Vehicles". The study assesses key market environment factors, examines emerging technology, evaluates company market share data and profiles 44 global competitors.

Global H/EV sales to reach 25 million units in 2018
Hybrid and electric vehicle (H/EV) sales will more than double to 25 million units in 2018. Market advances will be led by micro and mild hybrids. Micro hybrids are conventional vehicles equipped with start-stop systems. Mild hybrids also have regenerative braking, and some of these come equipped with a small electric motor that helps start the vehicle but can not propel it without the aid of an internal combustion engine. These systems offer significant fuel savings considering their relatively low cost, and can lower overall vehicle emissions. In 2018, micro and mild hybrids will account for 80 percent of all H/EV demand, followed by full and plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.

Western Europe to remain largest regional market
Western Europe was the first region to adopt micro/mild hybrid vehicles on a mass scale. As a result, it will remain the largest regional market for micro and mild hybrids and for H/EVs overall, representing 44 percent of total demand in 2018. However, micro/mild hybrid sales are projected to grow faster in other parts of the world, particularly in North America and the Asia/Pacific region. Electric vehicle demand in these regions will exhibit the fastest gains of any type through 2018, albeit from a very small current market base.

Expansion in China, Japan to spur Asia/Pacific growth
The Asia/Pacific region, led by China, will represent the fastest growing market for H/EVs through 2018. Sales gains will be fueled by an increasing number of micro/mild hybrids offered for sale in the country and further narrowing of the price premium over conventional vehicles. In addition, European, Japanese, and US automakers will continue to open and expand existing plants in China and partner with domestic firms to take advantage of government subsidies for vehicles purchased from locally based suppliers. The Asia/Pacific region is also home to Japan, which will remain the world’s largest market for full and plug-in hybrids, representing two-fifths of all demand for those vehicle types in 2018. The US will continue to have the world’s highest electric vehicle sales, accounting for over one-fifth of the global total.

Table of Contents:



General 4
World Economic Overview 5
Recent Historical Trends 5
World Economic Outlook 6
World Population Overview 10
Per Capita GDP Trends 12
World Motor Vehicle Overview 14
Motor Vehicle Production 15
Motor Vehicle Demand 18
Motor Vehicles in Use 20
Environmental & Regulatory Factors 22
Emissions Regulations 23
Rebates & Incentives 25
Pricing Trends 27

General 29
Hybrid & Electric Powerplants 30
Micro/Mild Hybrid 32
Full Hybrid 33
Plug-In Hybrid 34
Battery Electric 34
Fuel Cell 35
Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Commercialization Issues 36
Safety Concerns 36
Battery Life 36
Electric Vehicle Range 38
Fueling Infrastructure Readiness 38
Energy Storage Technologies 39
Well-to-Wheels Efficiency & Pollution Comparisons 41
Regulatory Compliance 42
Technology Penetration 44

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