The Top 6 Habits of Highly Successful Recruiters

What separates a good recruiter from a great one? Recruiting is a job that requires a wide variety of skills, and the ones who are best at it have mastered all of them. Those that find the greatest levels of success in the field all share the same attributes and attitudes in common.

1.      They're persistent – A highly successful recruiter is a persistent recruiter. Recruiters have to deal with both the candidates they are scouting and the hiring managers they will hopefully pick up their prospects, and neither sets of groups make it easy. However, the best recruiters don't let a negative response or a “not right now” stop them.

2.      They're good listeners – The ability to listen and really hear what the candidates they speak to have to say will take you miles in this industry. Successful recruiters learn how to spot prospective candidates who will probably come around with a little nudging, and how to spot the ones who really aren't interested.

3.      They know how to market – At the end of the day; a recruiter's job is to deliver a sales pitch. Like all good salesmen, successful recruiters know how to market the positions they are trying to fill, and what kind of pitches work for different kinds of personalities. Those marketing skills also come in handy when dealing with hiring managers, too. Hiring rates go up and down, especially with seasonal positions; smart recruiters know how to market themselves to the people in charge of hiring so that even when the numbers are down, companies will still come to them to fill the positions they have available.

4.      They don't wait for people to come to them – Recruiters who wait for candidates and companies to come to them are the first ones to get left behind and locked out of the competition. The most successful recruiters are the ones who take an active role in searching out people to fill positions, and who aren't shy about making the first move.

5.      They're honest – Successful recruiters are aggressive and know how to highlight the advantages of a position over the negatives, but they also still know that the best pitch they can give is the one that's the truth. When recruiters lie, it leads to unhappy employees and employers, and recruiters who gain a reputation for misleading or fudging the truth quickly find that none of the people they need to work with will trust them.

6.      They're organized – The best recruiters work on as many leads as they can manage at a time, and that takes organization. In today's industry, the best recruiters are the ones making the most out of the applicant tracking systems and other technological tools available to them. They don't use their applicant tracking system as a crutch, but they do use it to its fullest.

The recruiters who can balance all six of the above personality traits are the ones who are most likely to have the greatest amount of success in the field. While every recruiter's work ethic and strategies are different, the best of the best all share these common traits.


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