HOUSTON, TX - Just in time for Mother’s Day, Houston residents will have the opportunity to pay tribute to the women in their lives that have since passed away when the ladies of 40’z Rock presents their “Balloons of Love and Remembrance” event.  On Saturday, May 10th, 2014 starting at 2:00 pm, the public is invited to come out to the Sam Houston Monument (located directly across from the Museum of Natural Science) and participate in their balloon release celebration. It’s a gathering to celebrate the lives of all the beautiful women that have passed away but not forgotten.

“Balloons of Love and Remembrance” is one of 40’z Rock’s annual community events which is FREE to the public.  It is a way to pay homage to the women that had an impact on our lives.  Whether it is a celebration for a mother, sister, aunt or even a female friend, the balloon release is a heart-felt exhibit of love to that special woman.

Ironically located at the statue known as “A Tribute of Courage”, the beautiful ladies of the 40’z Rock movement will come together in fellowship with the public to honor women of all ages, race, religions and walks of life.  Pink balloons will be released to honor their remembrance. The celebration also includes a praise dance by the talented ladies of The 1816 Gift and sponsored by Suga Babe Sugar Scrubs and Rosenberg Party Rental Services.

40’z Rock is a movement designed to encourage all women in their 40’z to embrace and celebrate their age, health, life and community.  Headed by founder, Sandra Wyckoff, who is a past winner of Proctor & Gamble’s, “My Black is Beautiful” campaign, 40’z Rock is comprised of a diverse group of women representing numerous backgrounds in government, business, medical, media, philanthropy and various other fields.

According to Wyckoff, “I’ve lost two very important women in my life, my mother and my grandmother; I can honestly say that I have first-hand experience in understanding the indescribable impact that they had on my life.  Everything that I’ve become and ever wish to be comes from the influence and upbringing of these two women. When I reminisce of them, I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes, “I remember my mother's prayers, and they have followed me; they have clung to me all my life. All that I am and hope to be I owe to my angel mother” – Abraham Lincoln”

Wyckoff and the ladies of 40’z Rock are looking forward to celebrating with the public this Saturday.  She commented, “the weather should be beautiful, the surrounding will be monumental, and the atmosphere will be filled with love, happiness and peace.  It will be an exciting day of remembrance!”

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