Mountain Physiotherapy Provides Care Recognized by Professional Athletic Associations

Mountain Physiotherapy provides patients with professional expertise trusted by some of the most prestigious athletic organizations in the world. The practice provides patients with a comprehensive array of assessments, rehabilitation options and therapeutic services designed for a holistic solution that addresses the underlying cause of pain, injuries and disability.

The clinic maintains affiliations with the Olympic, Commonwealth and European games, along with the Australian University Games, London Triathlon and London Marathon. The clinic provides the same quality physiotherapy services for those who don’t aspire to such lofty goals, treating chronic conditions, functional limitations, and injuries sustained at work and play.

Gait assessments are available to identify movement problems, behaviors and habits that can cause pain and result in misalignments of the spine. The clinic provides work station assessments and information on adaptations to facilitate a return to work, injury prevention, and work stress and fatigue.

Rehabilitation services include those for neurological problems resulting from injuries, an extensive range of chronic conditions and those associated with diseases. Mountain Physiotherapy provides rehabilitation after surgical interventions and services for the elderly to restore movement and functionality.

Patients have access to one of the most comprehensive arrays of therapeutic treatments to maintain functionality, flexibility and aid in improved mobility. Therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy is available, along with vestibular physiotherapy for inner ear conditions resulting in vertigo, balance problems and visual disturbances.

The clinic provides Pilates for core strengthening, orthotic prescriptions and occupational therapy. Ultrasounds, biofeedback and electrical nerve stimulation techniques are employed to address multiple conditions, relieve pain and swelling, active muscles and promote healing.

A wide range of professional services and training programs are available for those who perform manual handling and lifting, and individuals that have been injured during road and work-related activities. The clinic’s professionals make home visits when appropriate, along with medical and legal assessments for those who are disabled or returning to work.

The treatment, maintenance and preventative services available at Mountain Physiotherapy are known and respected by professional athletes and elite sports organization from around the world. The physiotherapy experts provide a holistic approach for full body health with the most effective and efficient therapies available to restore functionality, mitigate disability, and maintain quality of life.

About Mountain Physiotherapy and Associates

Mountain Physiotherapy provides patients with effective treatments and tools to help individuals self-manage their care for optimal recoveries. The practice aid patients with a higher quality of pain free life and return to health and function.

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