50% of Acne Sufferers Turn to Natural Remedies

January 26, 2014 - Recent research from The Clear Skin Project shows that almost 50% of acne sufferers have tried natural remedies*. These remedies include the use of zinc, witch hazel, honey, apple cider vinegar and many more. This data proved surprising to the The Clear Skin Project (CSP) research team as it was not previously believed that such a large percentage of acne sufferers turn to natural solutions.

Many acne sufferers reach out to the team with complaints about conventional acne products. For instance, acne sufferer Sarah J from Carlsbad, CA writes to the CSP team, “I’m sick of harsh drugstore products and benzoyl peroxide mostly just dried my skin out. I’d rather find something more gentle and natural." This is just one comment of many directed to the CSP team.

Notes one member of the CSP team, “With so many people seeking natural acne cures, it raises an important question: Do natural remedies actually work on acne?”  Like many so-called acne cures, the research supporting effective natural solutions is tenuous at best. In fact, a survey of medical research by CSP found little conclusive evidence pointing to effective natural acne cures. Where does this leave acne sufferers seeking natural solutions?

Perhaps the most important realization is that each person's skin can react differently to various skincare approaches. As long as a natural remedy does not harm the skin then it is appropriate to pursue. However, such natural cures should be a part of, and not a replacement for, a comprehensive anti-acne skincare program such as those designed by the CSP team.

Further research is needed to better determine which, if any, of the common natural acne cures may prove effective. In the meantime, the CSP team recommends an informed and disciplined approach to acne treatment. The process of caring for one’s skin is just as important as the product (natural or otherwise) when it comes the getting clear.

About The Clear Skin Project: We are a group of skincare enthusiasts whose mission is to provide the necessary information, tools, and support to help acne sufferers improve their skin. The CSP team also conducts proprietary research and collects data to learn more about this frustrating condition and evaluate potential acne remedies.

*Data is based on a 2013 survey with responses from 593 acne sufferers. For more information, please visit