Airwheel C5 color intelligent helmet, a powerful image or video capturing tool

The intelligent electric scooters start into a relatively mature stage so Airwheel sets about other equipment and explores the entertainment level of outdoor sports equipment. Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet brings a totally new lifestyle and helps users to have more fun in their life through its high efficient functions and excellent performance.

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Wearing a normal helmet for protecting head in an outdoor sports maybe is just a simple feeling of pleasant from sports itself. However, to feel the wonderful scenes nearby the sports place, you might think there is not extra energy for it. On the contrary, C5 smart helmet will quietly record all the beautiful things when you are concentrating the sports. At this moment, each scene you see will have a new meaning with the aid of the cutting-edge technology and the horizon will be broadened immediately.

The Bluetooth technology is a big help for C5 color intelligent helmet. Listening to music needs the inside Bluetooth earphones and answering phone calls requires Bluetooth. Moreover, the images or videos you take can be transmitted to phone through Bluetooth so as to realize the network share purpose. The combination between Bluetooth and C5 Bluetooth intelligent helmet saves the problem that users have to take out phones for answering calls during exercising and also increases the security level.

When you are enjoying the sports, what are your friends doing? The Internet world is so amazing. The Wi-Fi modular will shorten the distance among people. Airwheel C5 street sports helmet will satisfy your heart, a heart that is eager for sharing. By connecting the Wi-Fi modular and network hotspot, it can realize the free transmission of shooting data. Then you can select some and send them to the social communication platforms. Friends from all over the world can see it.

Apart from the multi-dimensional functions, Airwheel C5 has a solid shell and inner shell with strong ability of shock absorption for safeguarding your head from any damage. Safe and interesting, Airwheel C5 is so powerful.

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