Princeton Tec Unveils Helix Lantern Collection

Versatile, easy-to-use lanterns provide lighting source for any and all adventurers.

BORDENTOWN, N.J. – Princeton Tec, the market leader of U.S. manufactured headlamps and handheld lights, leaps into uncharted territory for the brand and unveils the Helix lantern collection. High-quality, versatile and user-friendly, the Helix line consists of the Basecamp Bluetooth, Basecamp Rechargeable, Basecamp and the Backcountry versions demonstrating the brand’s continued dedication to provide the finest-performing lighting products for both seasoned and novice outdoor enthusiasts.

“Princeton Tec pulled from our expertise in headlamp and handheld lighting products to extend our line with a brand new series of lanterns,” said George Chevalier, Marketing Manager at Princeton Tec. “We asked ourselves what a PTEC lantern should look like and what would set it apart from the others currently available. The Helix collection has the latest electronics, familiar controls and a design language that literally raises them above the competition.”

Helix Basecamp Bluetooth – A lantern with all of the bells and whistles! The Helix Basecamp Bluetooth allows for full control from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, with no wifi or cell signal required. With one dimmable, white Maxbright LED boasting 250 lumens and one dimmable, red Maxbright LED, this lantern offers ultimate comfort both inside and out. The Helix Bluetooth can operate via either a lithium-ion rechargeable battery or three AA batteries as backup for a max burn time of 50 hours. This lantern has charge out capabilities to keep your other devices running far from the grid. $109.99

Helix Basecamp – Whether playing a card game in your tent or finding your way in a power outage, the 250-lumen Helix Basecamp is efficient and simple. The Helix Basecamp offers the latest LED technology, a collapsible globe to ensure soft lighting and folding legs that optimize area lighting and offer multiple hanging options. A ‘push and turn’ power dial mirroring that of an old-school gas lantern ensures no accidental illumination. Four AA-batteries power the water-resistant Basecamp for up to 50 hours. $49.99

Helix Basecamp Rechargeable – When efficiency is the utmost of importance,  a rechargeable set up is crucial to one’s success. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the Helix Rechargeable Basecamp and if away from power for an extended period of time, three AA-batteries offer a backup. The power dial controls dimmable white and red LEDs that provide 250 lumens of output at a max burntime of 24 hours.  A lockout prevents accidental illumination while a built-in USB port allows for the charging of other accessories if needed. $79.99

Helix Backcountry – Small, compact and lightweight, the Helix Backcountry offers the perfect package for backpacking. An intuitive swipe control technology allows access to a 150-lumen white dimmable and red dimmable Maxbright LED. The expanding globe and folding legs drastically increase area lighting while making the lantern compact in your pack. The lantern uses three AAA batteries and supplies a max burntime of up to 60 hours. $34.99

About Princeton Tec
Since 1975, New Jersey-based Princeton Tec's goal has been to deliver top-quality outdoor lighting products to the outdoor, bike, industrial, tactical, and SCUBA industries. The company is an American manufacturer, and through the decades has built a strong reputation with dealers and customers for their superior and reliable lights. For more information about Princeton Tec, please visit: