AntiquiTeas Announces the Release of 6th Tea to the Historic Savannah Collection

AntiquiTeas, a product of Griffin Coffee and Tea Company, has plans to announce the release of a sixth specialty tea to the Historic Savannah Tea Collection, Featuring Jane DeVeaux

[SAVANNAH, GA – March 17, 2015] AntiquiTeas, a product of the Griffin Coffee and Tea Company, recently announced the release of Historic Savannah, their new line of specialty luxury teas. The company had launched the new line of teas earlier this month at the Teas and Tales Event at the Ziegler House, a beautiful, historic bed and breakfast inn located in the heart of the historic district of Savannah, Georgia. The online tea boutique serves the highest quality gourmet teas and accessories with each tea offering a unique signature blend that is subtle yet rich in flavor. The high end, luxury teas are created from the finest high grown teas from around the world; and each tin featuring a unique story about amazing women in history, from Savannah, Georgia.

Sharon Cobb, the owner of AntiquiTeas, announced today plans to release a sixth tea to the Historic Savannah Tea Collection, “Freedom Mint Tea” featuring Jane DeVeaux. Local expert storyteller, tour guide, historian and author, Shannon Scott, has been commissioned again to transport sippers through a journey through his art of storytelling. As sippers indulge on the fragrant herbal infusion blend that possesses a light hint of mint tasting, they can read about the inspiring spirit, which the tea is dedicated to. Jane DeVeaux, is a true lady of distinction and an extraordinary African American women of Savannah, Georgia. The Historic Savannah AntiquiTeas collection presents stories that are deep in heritage, capturing the essence of Savannah, Georgia. Scott has featured stories on five other amazing and empowering women from the city that are included in the Historic Savannah collection to include Mary Haskell (1873 – 1964), Flannery O’Connor (1925 – 1964), Caty Green (1753 – 1814), Juliette Low (1860 – 1927) and Mary Musgrove (1700 – 1767). The other teas in the Historic Savannah collection are: The Beloved Prophet Tea, dedicated to Mary Haskell; The Mulberry Grove Tea, dedicated to Caty Greene; The Red Top Peach Tea, dedicated to Flannery O’Connor; The Savannah Citrus Tea, dedicated to Juliette “Daisy” Low; and Savannah Town Tea, dedicated to Mary Musgrove. Each specialty tea embodies the bold spirit, inspiring and unique nature of each women from history.

Each tea come in a beautiful silver tin containing pyramid sachets or loose leaf and are refillable, adding to their uniqueness and keepsake quality. The teas makes a wonderful keepsake, gift for the tea lover, history buff or collector. To learn more about AntiquiTeas or get more information about the collection, please visit the website at

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