Konsta Company announce their Release of Consumers Memo Platform

There are many challenges consumers face when trying to research products and make purchasing decisions. One of these is that fake comments and product reviews that have flooded the internet in recent times. Also, some of the good reviews available online tend to be too lengthy for most users that need to make good buy decision in no time. These are the set of problems that Consumers Memo, a new review website developed by Konsta Companies, is poised to solve.

Consumers Memo is a website that results from several months of research and work by Konsta Companies, an IT outfit based in Spokane, Washington State. Consumers is basically a website where users could find review of digital products and ebooks based on feedback of real users. The website analyzes these users’ feedbacks in order to bring out the information consumers most need to make best buy decision. In summary, what people find on consumers memo is basically a memo with all the cogent point, both pros and cons, people need to take into consideration before making buy decision on any digital product.

It is no longer news that what most people find when searching for an ebook review are nothing but sales pitches in disguise. As a result people find it difficult to ascertain if a digital product they wanted to buy was any good. But in actual sense, every ebook or any digital product has an excellent indicator of its quality and delivery on promise. Most important of all these indicators are Users feedback and refund rate. It is a common sense that if a lot of people are returning a product, such product is bound to be no good. Consumers Memo uses the combination of these two indicators to bring out the information consumers needed most to make wise buy decision. The website also use this information to give every product on the site an accurate rating.

Another unique thing about consumers memo is how the company make sure that every product on the website has a Money Back Guarantee. This means if you read any Product Review from the Website and eventually decide to download the product, there is a 60 Days money back guarantee on the product. So, every product reviewed buy consumers memo users can get their money back immediately without anyone asking you any questions if they are not satisfied by the product. In a way, consumers memo have helped reduced the risk users can take on any product to the minimum by caring out their reviews on only product with money back guarantee.