New Loom Band Brand Here To Stay

Walnut Creek CA, 24-MARCH-2014 - Daisy Loom and Patrik Gisselsson are proud to announce the success of their redesigned home on the web, focused on the release of Daisy Loom refill bands. The growing popularity of the product is attributed to their colors, durability and pleasing fruit fragrance. The Rainbow loom band refill is compatible with all the major loom brands.

According to Patrik Gisselsson, company representative, "Sales have been over the roof and plans for several new product releases are scheduled for 2014. The first product released, from mid 2013 was a pack of 1800 durable and vibrantly colored silicone bands. The bands so not contain any latex or lead, so allergies are not triggered."

He continues, "The bracelets and decorative products which can be designed using the bands are as creative as our customers. We offer suggestions to get you started with artistic and fun products. There are a variety of colors available, including plenty of black and white bands, since those colors tend to run out more quickly. You can also choose the neon colored glow-in-the-dark from the refill pack. The pack include other accessories to spark your creativity."

With an expanded line due to be released in 2014, and the continued emphasis on interaction with customers, the website is a magnet for those looking for top quality creative ideas. Customers are invited to share design ideas with others by uploading them to the web pages. The bands are durable as well as colorful so a variety of options are available.

Learn more about the loom refill products by visiting the links at or today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the information in this press release are urged to contact Patrik Gisselsson at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Patrik Gisselsson
Company Name: Daily Loom
Address: Walnut Creek CA
Website: or