Frozen fruits and vegetable contain richly nutrition and vitamin like the fresh one

China - In addition to buy enough fresh fruits, could people have the thought to purchase and eat some frozen fruit? Maybe most of people have the mind that these frozen fruit may not be as nutritious as fresh fruit. However, this is not the truth. Now, the editor from the website of Famous China frozen food supplier will give people the totally description about the truth of these frozen fruits.

Before the fresh fruit arriving at the supermarket, these fresh fruits will usually go through a long time of harvesting, storage, transportation and some fruits even have to wait for two weeks after fruit picking. In this period of time, the fruit itself and its appearance could still keep its colorful appearance but it will substantial loss a lot of nutrients especially vitamin C and other vitamin elements. If these sorts of fruits could be timely frozen in time, the nutrition and other vitamin elements can be kept and protected at the maximize level. This method is in particular used for storing fruits which are difficult to be preserved such as strawberries, mango, peach, lychee and others.

The editor from claim that eating their frozen mixed vegetables and vegetables 7 pieces one day can help people lives a longer life. A new study shows that eating more fruits and vegetables is much better than eating only one piece of fruits and vegetable per day. Eating more fruit and vegetables could help people reduce 42 percent risk of premature death. On the other hand, the enough fruits and vegetable eating could also help to reduce the chance of getting cancer and heart-related diseases.

Some experts from hope that each people could quickly form the habit of eating five pieces or more fruits during per day. This study was basically based on the University College London. On the other hand, the frozen fruits will also give people fully nutrition and vitamins they need at each day¡¯s working and other activities and eating enough fruits could help each people totally reduce the risk of getting early death and other chronics.

According to the above description, each people should have the basically knowing about that the frozen fruits have the same nutrition and other advantageously elements like the fresh fruits. So, people who ever have the prejudice for frozen fruits could set their mind at rest. On the other hand, eating enough fruits will indeed the good way for people to get very healthy body condition. The editor from hopes each people could form this good habit.


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