OLLA Kidsfurniture goals for INDIEGOGO campaign!

Our Indiegogo Goals

At OLLA we set our aims high.  We don’t want to just give you the most versatile children’s furniture system in the World; we have to do it responsibly:  OLLA kidsfurniture is furniture for the future.  This isn’t just about being able to use and reuse our system to make every bit of furniture you can imagine, this is also about the future of our planet.

By reaching our goal of $75,000 we will make our transition from handcrafted items out of MDF to Injection Moulded items made from liquid wood.

Reasons this is a good thing:

  • Liquid wood doesn’t contain the formaldehyde locked into MDF
  • Liquid wood doesn’t contain toxic elements
  • Liquid wood can be recycled at its end of life
  • Liquid wood allows us to make OLLA Kidsfurniture in the quantity we believe they will sell and always match demand.

By creating special tools to make our system, we can improve our efficiencies and quality, but we can also make sure that our carbon footprint is greatly reduced.  We can always replace your old parts for new and know that we can recycle OLLA at the same time so it doesn’t pollute our planet.

The second important part of reaching our goal is that it allows us to develop the next stage of OLLA Kidsfurniture.  We are currently designing a new type of connector that not only tightens up to secure your child’s furniture creations, but it also locks into place, and more importantly, gives a clear visible indicator that it is fully locked and ready.  This serves two purposes:

  • Peace of mind.  You know that once the connector is fully engaged, it isn’t coming apart without the special release tool.  It will stay connected over time and can never work itself loose.
  • Quick safety check at a glance.  The visual indicator allows each and every connection to be verified as safe within a brief check. 

Please don’t misunderstand; the current system is perfectly safe, but at OLLA we think that we can always do more to ensure your child’s safety and your own peace of mind.  By introducing this second level of safety, we believe we make our product even more special.

As we are always looking to the future, we are constantly coming up with new designs and new methods for creating even more interesting and different assemblies with our system.  We conduct continual market research to ensure that we stay on topic and keep producing what parents and children alike want to buy and use respectively.

A lot of people have asked us two big questions:

  • When will we release the adult version?
  • When will we create the outdoor version?

To answer both of those questions briefly; by changing to liquid wood, we are almost there already.  We selected this special manufacturing material, not just for its sustainable qualities and strength, but also because it is much more durable to temperature change, and the ordeals of outdoor usage.

We have big plans to produce adult sized furniture ranges, using our OLLA know-how to make sure we perfectly cater for a wider market. 

For outdoor furniture, we want to produce both garden furniture but also lightweight camping furniture too.  

More details presented in a Piktochart you will find here:

OLLA Kidsfurniture goals explained in a Piktochart