Blue Label Vodka continues with its exemplary performance, emerging with a Silver Medal in the San Francisco Spirits Competition

 June 2, 2014

Blue Label Vodka, through a series of tasting competitions, has emerged as one of the top players in the industry. Blue Label Vodka is at the forefront, performing exemplary well in the wine and spirits tasting competition. For only being in the market all of two years, this exemplary performance has been described by analysts as a mark of quality and standards; something which the company says has been an important aspect in their operations from the beginning. During the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the company emerged with winning the prestigious Silver Medal. Silver medal spirits are extremely good spirits and considered to be highly recommended by the expert panel of judges.

While announcing the performance of Blue Vodka Label, Richard Rucker, CEO Blue Label Products said that the vodka is made with precision and quality in mind, according to Rucker, “Blue Label Vodka comes from a place where vodka originated. Polish Vodka is rich in culture and tradition, uncompromising in strength and passion, all reflected in Blue Label Vodka,” said Rucker.

“Made from the finest pure grains and pure spring water. This 100% neutral spirit goes through a 7 step distillation process to give it a superior taste, finish and impact. Blue Label Vodka is a true luxury vodka of exceptional purity, balance and taste,” added Erik Hoffman, Executive Vice President Blue Label Products .

According to the competition organizers, the number of submission for the year were record breaking, a total of 1580 entries were listed an increase of seven percent from the previous year. The number of countries which were represented in this competition also increased from 41 to 66, where ninety categories were represented. This is an indication that the competition attracted the finest products, with stiff competition characterizing the entry. With the Silver Medal awarded to Blue Label Vodka, Hoffman reiterates that their product fits the bill as far as quality and distinction are concerned.

According to industry experts, the event is considered as the rite of passage for the top range of products, given that it attracts forty one of the top professional judges in the world. “A product which gets recognition in this competition must have the highest quality and a mark of distinction that stands out from the rest,” said Hoffman.

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