Lander Cycling Club

Lander Cycling Club
Founded in 2008 by Richard Garrett, Chip Williams, and Web Webster

How does Lander Cycling Club (LCC) serve Lander? Lander Cycling Club promotes all types and skill levels of bicycling and highlights the health, wellness, and community building benefits of the sport. LCC organizes cycling events throughout the year that many Lander locals and families enjoy. LCC seeks to enhance the accessibility and safety of Lander area cycling by developing and improving on and off road opportunities. LCC has built and maintains miles of single track trails that can be enjoyed by cyclists and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Recent LCC endeavors have resulted in many miles of new, multi-use trail at Johnny Behind the Rocks and Sinks Canyon.

How will your Challenge for Charities donation to Lander Cycling Club make a difference in Lander this year? This year, LCC plans to use Challenge for Charities donations for the purchase and installation of multi-use trail signage in the Lander area. LCC hopes to add trail signage and maps for the Sinks Canyon locale to make the area easier and safer to navigate for all user groups.

How else can you help the Lander Cycling Club? LCC offers many volunteer opportunities for various interests. These include participation in the multiple trail building and maintenance days throughout the year and bicycle safety rodeos for local youth. As well, LCC utilizes many volunteers in the annual Fremont Area Road Tour and Jurassic Classic Race.

What else? 2013 Challenge for Charities donations to LCC were used towards the improvement of the parking lot at Johnny Behind the Rocks. New fencing was installed around the parking lot perimeter to delineate the parking lot and protect the surrounding landscape. LCC also installed an informational kiosk with a large area map and recreation rules. The new parking lot design is sustainable and attractive, welcoming cyclists and non-cyclists to utilize JBR frequently and responsibly.

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Challenge for Charities
is a community fundraiser benefiting 35 nonprofits from May 1 - July 11, 2014.
The event also sponsors the July 4th Lander Half Marathon and 5 K run/walk and a 1-mile youth mad dash.
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