Filipina Business Woman's Niche Company Combines Venture Capital, Medicine, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math

Typhoid fever was just the start of the obstacles Barbra Ongwico had to face before coming to America. Now she's helping children through medicine, music, and positive messages of love, faith, hope, thriving, motivation, and inspiration.

In the high stress, fast paced world of entrepreneurship and Venture Capital very few women cut it. Ongwico has managed to create a niche for herself through her unique way of sourcing investments, servitude, and attitude. Speaking French, Spanish, and English, Ongwico has the global experience, demeanor and intelligence to take on tough challenges like the environment, education, poverty, spirituality, and healthcare. Ongwico works with CEOs, Venture Capitalists, funds, brands, non-profits, and celebrities, and builds networks and syndicates across the world.
"Our success is defined by how many people we help. We solve problems. We call it divine innovation for your business," says Barbra Ongwico co-founder and Principal of the hybrid high tech Los Angeles, California startup 5IV0. "We are tackling a global marketplace with a concept that is unique, proprietary, captures a huge share of the market, and creates a synergistic community. We believe in and follow the word of God. "

Through Ongwico's diverse experiences personally and professionally, she is capable of communicating with company advisory boards, corporate sponsors, and running teams of volunteers and employees. She's learned through these experiences the family values she believes the world is lacking, and desires innovative ideas.  

"At the core of our world is family - the mother, father, son, daughter, animals, and planet Earth," says Ongwico. "5IV0 allows people to heal through science, technology, engineering, arts (music, film, and books) and math."

The journey to get here has been with its challenges. Coming to America was difficult, dealing with abusive parents, and eventually finding a foster home Barbra first dedicated herself to education, graduating from University of California Fullerton with honors, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Economics in 2002. There she excelled in American Marketing Association, Advertising Club, Interact Club, Key Club, and the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science National Honor Society.

After two years at Solomon Smith Barney working in operations from 2002-2004, she moved onto healthcare. Ongwico is no stranger to medicine as she was in and out of hospitals early in her life having typhoid fever at age seven, and on the other side of medicine as she worked in clinical research with patients suffering from neurological conditions such as MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, depression, restless leg syndrome, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers at the South Bay Neurology Research Center in Redondo Beach, California. During seven years time she earned 17 certifications to work on various pharmaceutical drug testing projects including with Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi, Bristol-Meyers Squibb. 

In 2006 Barbra she began working with CEOs, private clients, and celebrities, as well as the Los Angeles Times IMAGE division, Fashion TV, Mercedes Benz, Fashion Week Designers, doing events, public relations, management, and investment acquisition and sourcing.

Shifting to directing an ATA licensed and bonded Talent Agency for men's TV commercials in Beverly Hills, California, where she put on high-end runway fashion shows, planned large-scale sponsored events, company launches, investor roadshows, private investment meetings and events, as well as helping a 30 year Wall Street Research company. Ongwico finally grew tired of Los Angeles in 2010 and left for New York City with $2,000 and a continuation of the American Dream. 

Barbra left Los Angeles for New York to combine her experience with public relations, events, and finance. There she worked with MJ Segal and Starlight Investments for New York City Private Equity Forums at the prestigious Yale Club.

There she lived on Park Avenue, one block from where John Lennon was shot at the Dakota in 1969. In NYC Ongwico worked as a junior trader for the BUY side in the junk bonds division for Trust Company of the West on Wall Street, and an event roadshow producer for The Millionaires Group. She also lived at Harlem Washington Heights, across the street from Jacyln Kennedy and began working with Starlight Capital and MJ Segal, helping with the Yale Club five times a year in New York. 

In 2012 she left New York City to return to Palos Verdes, California. Upon returning, Ongwico's strategic nature and networking abilities landed her a mentorship with the respected Dr. Fred Haney, PhD from Carnegie Mellon, with over 30 years of venture capital experience and founder of an Angel Investment Syndicate Monday Club, which meets every Monday with an Orange County, Silicon Beach (Santa Monica), and South Bay.

During her Associate time as working under Haney's Venture Management Company, Ongwico acted as an Associate helping with Monday Club, public relations, marketing, and deal flow. She cites Haney, NYC investment banker David Meachin, Broadway investor Martin Handelsman, Realtor Lynn Roberts, and Neurologist George Rederich as her close mentors. 

"I'm looking for companies with a sustainable competitive edge, ones that solve an important problem, have social impact, change the world in a positive way, helping humanity," says Ongwico. "I believe in selfless before self serving." Ongwico is an optimist, she likes fresh clothing, love, and believes in God. In addition, she trained under Judge Ann Rice of the LA Superior Court temporary judge program, with 700 attorneys for eight months. "I couldn't be where I am now if it weren't for that program and the advice of my mentors."

From calling new sponsors to managing web sites, 5IV0 is a venture capital......... The company is also an agent to executive level directors dealing with investor relations and capital acquisition. The team is passionate about branding strategy, creative solutions, and user experience (UX). 

Ongwico is also an intermediary for companies who need a CEO or Board of Directors with Corporate Venture Capital background. 

"I prefer microcap and above, early to late stage and pre-IPO capital intensive businesses, with proprietary technology or a unique novel idea in the Biotech, Cleantech, and Greentech industries," says Ongwico. "I'm looking for word of mouth, recommendations, and referrals." 

5IV0 points out that companies should have a sustainable competitive edge or solve an important problem, and she likes arts, music, and social media applications. 

"I only work with people that come from a trusted source. I work with people who have vetted character, high ethical standards, and business integrity," says Ongwico. Her vetting process consists of a very thorough due diligence and vetting process. 

Ongwico's goal is to bring capital and ideas together through connecting, marketing, branding, promoting and identity building. Her company's strengths are access to deals, capital raising, marketing, media, and broad range of experience and past success. 

Barbra is now partnered with Mike Will Downey who worked many years in tech, sports, and media. "My goal has always been to combine culture, action, values, the five senses, and the heart of a person and a brand," says Downey. "I somehow got into doing that with concerts, dining, sports, film, music, charities, fashion, and technology."

"It's hard to sell yourself, so you have to be a multi-dimensional storyteller," says Downey, also a screenwriter, author, and former journalist. "You need to exert extreme passion for your creation, God, and your cause. It's essential to surround yourself with people with exceptional knowledge, understanding, and experience to support you and be compassionate."

"5IV0 name comes from five is love, four is the core, and zero gravity is what we need to fly. 540 is the new 360," says Ongwico, with a smile. 

Barbra, also known as "Barbie" also has her Real Estate license with Shorewood Realtors in Redando Beach, CA. Barbra is a member of Beverly Hills Society of Young Philanthropists and Young Venture Capital Society in San Francisco. Church at Blessed South Bay.
Barbra is available for consultation and speaking engagements.