ArtCling Launches Custom Wall Art and On-Demand Artist Murals

ArtCling Premium Wall Graphics: Powered by ArtCorgi, the Custom Digital Art Company

PALO ALTO (September 11, 2014) -- ArtCorgi, the custom digital art company, today launched, which brings bespoke artwork commissioned from digital artists worldwide to real-world walls as ArtClings. An ArtCling is a reusable, self-adhering, piece of high quality fabric that features art created on demand of anything the customer can describe. ArtCorgi is 500 Startups company (Batch 9).

ArtCling Video Demonstration

ArtCling is powered by ArtCorgi, which matches clients with digital artists worldwide. Representing a wide variety of digital artists - from traditional styles replicating oil paintings to comic illustrations and stylized modern art - ArtCorgi facilitates the creation of custom art for customers around the world. When customers have original art created for their ArtClings, they are given several potential artist matches based on their needs and budget, and are able to provide feedback on an artist’s draft before receiving their final piece.

ArtClings are self-adhesive and can be removed and re-hung hundreds of times without losing adhesion, leaving a mark, or damaging surfaces. They are created on demand in the United States, using a premium, re-positionable fabric that sticks to almost any surface, from walls and windows to ceilings and around corners. ArtClings are available in a range of customer-selected sizes - from pieces that fit on the back of a laptop to giant wall-to-wall murals.

Prices start at $15 but, even a piece like a custom-made mural will not cost more than $1500. For example, on, a customer could buy a 24” by 36” artistic representation of the moment they proposed featuring themselves for only $156.

“Our mission is to democratize the art world,” said Simone Collins, ArtCorgi’s COO and manager of artist and client relations. “After launching ArtCorgi we found that while we made original art commissions accessible through friendly intermediaries and lower price points for the commissions themselves, having them printed and framed could cost twice as much as what the artist was getting paid.”

ArtClings are created on demand at the Walls360 wall graphics factory in Las Vegas, Nevada, and shipped to customers around the world. ArtCorgi CEO Malcolm Collins said, “When creating ArtCling we wanted something new, not just a vinyl decal or a old fashioned wall graphic but a painting that would cling to a wall. Walls360 is the only company in the world that could provide the quality we needed and the final product is truly astounding. It has to be seen and felt to be believed”. He continued, “we knew we were onto something when guests couldn’t walk by the prototypes in our office without stopping and tentatively reaching out to touch them, searching for brush strokes.”

"ArtCorgi connects digital artists with custom commissions worldwide, and with the launch of, they are bringing this amazing digital artwork to real-world walls,” said Tavia Campbell, Founder and COO of Walls360. "We are absolutely honored to work with such an innovative new company, and can't wait to see what ArtCorgi artists and customers are going to create as custom ArtClings!"


If you can imagine an image, ArtCorgi and its network of talented digital artists can help you create it. With up-front prices, pre-set licensing, and a dedicated agent helping each client develop a concept, review an artist’s draft, and have a finished piece properly displayed, ArtCorgi makes it easy for everyone to commission original, personalized art.

"ArtCorgi connects digital artists from around the world with custom art commissions from new art patrons," said Malcolm Collins, CEO at ArtCorgi. "Our artists have created everything from Anime inspired illustrations for wedding invitations (based on a photograph of the happy couple!), to custom pop art social media portraits and unique digital marketing graphics for corporate events, trade shows, and pop-up retail projects. If you can imagine it, our artists can create it - and now, ArtClings can bring it to your empty walls!"

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