Technical features and designation of Logitech M950 wireless mouse from Istar Mall

China – As the professional game player or IT manager, the comfortable wireless mouse should be these people’s ideal pursuit. Today, the customer service from website Istar Mall will introduce with people their very popular DSLR camera product which name is Logitech M950 wireless mouse.

Logitech M950 wireless mouse applies the human body engineering design and it is the standard right-hand type mouse. However, the right twisting surface of this mouse let this mouse feel more like a left hand products but this is the most popular reverse human body engineering technology.

The root of the thumb is thicker than the former type of this series product. The thicker designation at the thumb part could let each user feel more comfortable . In each logitech M950 wireless mouse, there have many function keys at the thumb part of this mouse which could let people’s operation become more convenient.

For the technical detail of this product, the Logitech Darkfield unbounded laser technology could let each user achieve precise cursor control in almost any surface even on the glass desktop where the optical mouse and standard laser mouse cannot be used. The application of this technology could let people use their mouse at anywhere without the professional mouse pad.

In addition to the non-limited and precision controlling, this buy DSLR camera parts online M950 also own the super fast scrolling device. People could rapidly view documents and web pages just turn the wheel by a little action. On the other hand, the step by step type scrolling function could be very convenient for people to accurately locate what information and images they need to view.

On the other hand, the unique four thumb buttons should be another unique feature of this product. This sort of customized thumb button could largely improve the efficiency of the button pressing in people’s working process. This could help to achieve the faster operation. When people are browsing the web, this button design can help them achieve the easily forward or backward and easy to switch between window to window.

In a word, the Logitech M950 could be regarded as the high level integration of these high end and humanity technologies and designation. At the same time, other configuration for this mouse is also top-level. That is why most of people called it the new flagship of Logitech wireless mouse.

At last, if reader or other people have fully interesting about this original Logitech wireless mouse, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service of Istar mall by the following information.

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