How to properly preserve and protect the oil painting in people's daily life?

China - After customers receive their oil paintings, only few people know about how to properly preserve and protect the oil painting. Today, the editor from which is the professional online supplier for wholesale canvas prints will share with people some useful information about this.

The choice of location and displaying method is very crucial for the oil painting protection even if the printing oil painting. In general, the placement of paintings should be the ventilated and dry place where should be away from the place with strong sunlight illuminated. If people could arrange a separate room to store the oil painting, it should be the best solution.

In addition to the choosing of place, the light is another factor which people should take into consideration especially ultraviolet. The ultraviolet could lead to greatly damage to the oil paints. In that case, people should choose incandescent with faint diffuse lighting natural light and low wattage. The low UV fluorescent is also the good choice. It should be noted that the distance between the lamps and paintings should be also required to ensure the uniform heating for oil painting.

Generally speaking, the most suitable environment humidity for oil painting saving should be between 50 percent to 60 percent and the ambient temperature should be controlled between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Some details cannot be ignored by people. The first and foremost is to keep the house¡¯s cleaning cheap canvas prints for sale condition which is the basic working collectibles for maintaining the oil painting. Before touching the oil painting, people should first wash their hands carefully. On the other hand, the oil painting should be also kept away from the cigarette smoke and have dust cleaning regularly.

Before the removal for dust People should be sure to check the oil painting carefully see whether the painting surface has cracked and loosening places. Furthermore, the choice of tools for dust cleaning is also very important. The best choice is the wool material pen or brush and the using for wet rag must be avoided.

Before the purchasing for oil painting, collectors should take the initiative to understand the pros and cons of a variety of materials that painter will use. If the oil painting is produced by the low quality paint and canvas, then attentive caring for the oil painting does not have any help. In addition to this, the selection for the paintings frame is also very crucial. The substandard frame will also cause deformation.

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