4 Mobile Recruiting Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make

Right now, the U.S. has more Internet connected gadgets than people. Here’s an even more shocking statistic: just 33 percent of Fortune 500 companies have even the most basic mobile optimization on their career sites.

How is this possible? We spend more time with our smartphones than most of us do with family and friends. In fact, 91 percent of smartphone users have their device within reach at all hours of the day and night. Ignoring the power of mobile recruiting is no longer an option, yet many companies are still dropping the ball when it comes to attracting smart, mobile-obsessed talent.

Here are the four mistakes your company might be making when it comes to mobile recruiting:

Mistake 1: Not Optimizing Your Career Site For Mobile

Optimizing your career site for a mobile experience is the simplest step you can take to start attracting mobile job seekers, yet so many companies are failing at even this task.

In a recent survey, 61 percent of responders said they would immediately leave a site if it wasn’t formatted for mobile. Job seekers expect mobile optimization and decent loading times when viewing your company webpage. Not investing in mobile optimization can make your company appear hopelessly behind the times.

Consider retail giant Macy’s, which isn’t even a tech-centered organization. It currently receives about 25 percent of all applications through mobile. If you’re looking to hire tech superstars or great talent for your startup, mobile optimization is the first step. Plus, a mobile optimized career page can give you another platform to promote your company culture and the benefits of joining your organization.

Mistake 2: Your Application Process Is Too Complicated

Applying from a mobile device, especially a smartphone, is a whole different animal than applying for a job on a laptop or computer. The great job seekers you attract to your company might just throw in the towel if they see a job application that seems to go on forever.

Since you’ve optimized your career site for mobile users, it’s time to optimize your actual application as well. Include only the most relevant informational fields and make it easy for job seekers to fill out even on the smallest screens.

When applying for a job from a mobile device, candidates are looking for a company that makes the process simple. This is especially true for passive candidates, who might have found your position while idly scrolling through social media channels. These people aren’t going to stick around for a complicated, buggy application process. So think short and sweet–you won’t miss recruiting great passive candidates or smart, in-demand job seekers.

Mistake 3: No Mobile Interviewing

One of the biggest mistakes companies make in the mobile candidate hunt is to optimize the application process and then call it a day. Tech-savvy candidates, however, long to do more from their mobile devices than just apply. Currently, six out of 10 companies are utilizing video interviews in the recruiting process, but just as many should be utilizing the power of mobile interviewing.

Using a smartphone, candidates can record a video resume or answer written employer questions in a one-way video interview. These recorded answers can then be viewed on your mobile device at any time, in any place. This means if your ideal candidate is lounging on a beach somewhere, they can still take the interview from their mobile device.

Recruiting great candidates doesn’t end at the application process, and your mobile recruiting strategy shouldn’t either. By allowing for mobile video interviews, you’re branding your company as an organization that embraces new technology and looks to make life simpler for talented candidates.

Mistake 4: No Mobile Referral Program

Referral programs consistently bring in great talent for smart organizations willing to tap into the existing employee networks. So why not optimize your referral program for mobile usage? After all, when are your employees more likely to think of a great candidate: at their desk, or while speaking to their contact outside the office walls?

Last year, 70 percent of companies had low rates of hires and two-thirds were unhappy with their referral numbers. Once again, mobile optimization shouldn’t stop after the career page fits on a smartphone screen. Utilize easy-to-use referrals employees can tap into from their mobile devices the second they remember a talented contact perfect for your open positions.

With the number of mobile devices rising every day, it only makes sense for companies to adjust to mobile recruiting. Avoid the common mistakes, go beyond simple optimization, and you might soon find yourself recruiting the top talent you need.

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