Senior Bus Trips and Holiday Tours With ComeAlong Tours

ComeAlong Tours believes that it is never too late to start travelling. For this reason, the company offers senior-specific vacation tours and bus trips. These trips take guests to every corner of Australia. ComeAlong also hosts trips throughout New Zealand, too.

The Travel Club

ComeAlong Tours created the Travel Club to specifically cater to the needs and desires of older travelers. There are over 100 different Travel Club tours hosted by ComeAlong. Each Travel Club member is entitled to unique trip discounts, free memberships, brochures, travel guides, and a wide range of other amenities.

ComeAlong is currently giving Travel Club members a 15% discount on a range of unique coach tours.

Featured Tours

ComeAlong's senior tours are split into two different categories. Extended tours are bus trips that last between 3 days and 14 days. Group day trips, on the other hand, are relaxing day-long trips. One of ComeAlong's most popular group day trips is a tour of Elizabeth Farm and Old Government House. These historical locations are two of Parramatta's most alluring tourist attractions. ComeAlong provides a lunch buffet at midday of this particular Travel Club coach tour.

Benefits of Coach Bus Travel

As any frequent flyer will tell you, airplane travel has its challenges. There are the long lines, rude security agents, risk of lost luggage, and flight delays. Many airports suggest that travelers should arrive at the airport several hours before their scheduled flight time to avoid being held up by any of the aforementioned issues. When you finally make it onto the plane, you will find that the seats are cramped, the bathrooms are too small, the Internet does not work, and the food being served is subpar.

Planning a long road trip also presents a number of difficulties. Not only is spending many hours behind the world physically draining, but if you are driving in a vehicle across Australia, you have to make time for meals, bathroom breaks, and gas.

Alternatively, traveling by coach bus travel, particularly buses chartered by ComeAlong Tours, provides the best travel opportunities for Australia's elderly population. Unlike airports, ComeAlong suggests that travelers should arrive at the depot between 15 minutes and 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

In terms of comfort, ComeAlong's travel businesses are truly luxurious. Each ComeAlong bus is outfitted with plenty of luggage space, an expansive amount of leg room, headrests, cushioned arm rests, and sunlight-blocking blinds. The seats recline, and there are air conditioning vents for each guest. Travelers are also provided with complimentary Internet access.

Besides seniors coach tours and seniors holidays, ComeAlong Tours also schedules trips to some of Australia's most unique historical landmarks. The company's Travel Club gives discounts to elderly guests, too.