Scarlett's Secret Lover Part II available for free from 7th June to 12th June

United States of America, 5th June 2014: Books have always been regarded as one of the best companions of man. There are books which can keep people engrossed for hours. The genres and tastes of different people differ as per their choices. Some love the scary types while some might love the romantic tales. One section of the readers also love to read passionate love stories which has the sense of eroticism in it. A series of book which has been based on this genre is by Prince Abraham Harun who has written a book in the series of Scarlett’s Secret Lover series. The book is named Scarlett's Secret Lover Part II: Forbidden Love, Lust And Dangerous Passion (Romance) and is available for sale on the Amazon.

The story is about the 1st meeting between Harun and Scarlett and each of them believes the meet is much different than any other meet they might have had with any other person. The story revolves and portrays the aspect where the longer they are around each other the stronger is the attraction they have in between them. The story further moves where they eventually give into their desire and act on it. With the line being crossed the story becomes much more passionate and there is no holding back for both the characters. The story highlights the fact that they are aware of the consequences and the dangers which revolve around their meet. However, Scarlett seems very happy despite knowing the dangers which was all around. It included her husband who seems to have been avoiding to notice her. Moreover on one instance where she had been with Harun at the breakfast Sebastian looks at Scarlett and mentions that something seemed to be different about her.

The story comes with a number of twists and turns and is a good read for the readers who would love to read passionate as well as tricky stories. The writer maintains a sense of anxiety at every stage and keeps the reader engrossed to read about what could happen in the next stage. Presently the book is available on Amazon for $2.99, but for a limited period it is offered for free. The period is between 7th of June to 12th June 2014. It could be a nice opportunity for people to get hold of this NY Times and USA Today Bestseller. For more information people can visit the Amazon book store at

About Scarlett's Secret Lover Part II: Forbidden Love, Lust And Dangerous Passion (Romance)

Prince Abraham Harun has come up with his book Scarlett's Secret Lover Part II: Forbidden Love, Lust And Dangerous Passion (Romance) which is about the 1st meeting of Scarlett and Harun. It is a passionate love story which comes with various twists and turns in the entire read.