How to remove ‘pet smells’ from the home

We all love our pets, they are a key part of our home life and are often seen as part of the family. After all, for many, a house is not a home without at least one furry critter to keep you company! However, many of us still want a house that looks and smells fresh and tidy, and when you have a pet this can often seem like an unrealistic dream. But don’t despair, there are solutions to your pet issues – whether you are struggling with castaway hairs or damaged furniture, there is something you can do to limit this effect on your beloved home.

One of the biggest concerns people often have is pet ‘smells’ and these are often difficult to detect when you are constantly at home or around the smell. For example, it is easy to grow accustomed to the smells of your own home and you might not even notice the pet odours present around your place. In order to detect whether you have some lingering fragrances, leave your home for a couple of hours and then pay attention to the smells in your home when you come back – does anything stand out? Alternatively, you can always ask a close friend or family member what they smell as they enter your house - you just have to hope they are honest!

When it comes to getting rid of odours throughout the home, there are a range of different options which can be tried. But, the success of the method can depend on the type of pet you have and the level of their stench!

Cleaning your house

While it might seem like common sense, stepping things up on your cleaning scale can really help to minimise smells from your pets. For example, vacuuming can help to get dander, dirt and oils off your carpet and furniture. It is especially important to pay attention to the area your pet spends most of its time. If your dog or cat likes to sleep on a corner of the couch or bed, this area should be vacuumed or washed several times a week to ensure any traces of smell are removed.

Empty the litter box

For those with a cat, you’ll know that the litter box can be the smelliest problem in the house. But even with multiple cats, keeping the litter box fresh is not a difficult task when it is dealt with on a daily basis. It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for the right litter for your cat and home. There is currently a range of different litter kinds on the market including products made from corn or crushed walnut shells which help to deodorise the litter box.

Deal with pet ‘accidents’

Once in a while pet accidents can occur, often affecting furniture, carpets or other flooring types. When it comes to cleaning these, the stains need to be dealt with as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Not only are these accidents potentially unpleasant, the smell can linger for days to come, often encouraging your pet to relieve themselves in the same spot again in the future. Treat the affected area with deodoriser or invest in some absorbent cleaning pads if the issue continually reoccurs with your pet.


Next, it’s time to deodorise! Spray your pet’s ‘favourite spots’ to get rid of any lingering germs, stains or smells. You can purchase an odour eliminator in store from your local grocery store or alternatively, you can make your own! Our favourite is a vinegar-baking soda spray. All you need is two cups of distilled vinegar and lukewarm water and four tablespoons of baking soda – simple as that! This spray is a simple, inexpensive way to treat stains and get rid of any lingering odours.

Clean your animals

Another option which might seem like common sense but is often forgotten – bathe your animals regularly. Animals have a lot of fur and spend a lot of time outdoors. For these reasons they get dirty quickly and easily which means it is important they are kept clean and brushed regularly. Keeping your animal clean will help to ensure your home is kept tidy and odour free for longer!


Filling your home with delicious scents are bound to distract from any lingering pet smells. There are a range of different products which can be used including; air fresheners, scented candles, reed diffusers or room sprays. Each help to muffle any pet smells you have been trying tirelessly to get rid of.