Vermonters embrace new PaintCare recycling program

MONTPELIER, VT — Sept 11, 2014 — Since starting in May 2014, the Vermont Paint Stewardship program has collected and recycled more than 38,000 gallons of leftover commercial and household paint. Vermont is the fourth state to enact the growing PaintCare program.

“Vermonters have always led the way in environmental programs. It’s great to see Vermont’s citizens and local businesses truly embracing the PaintCare program. In our first few months, we have already collected 36% of our goal for the entire first year. “ Says PaintCare’s Vermont Program Manager, John Hurd.

In the first four months, PaintCare has established partnerships to take back paint at 39 paint retail locations, 5 government household hazardous waste facilities, 7 transfer stations, and 10 special drop-off events.

Paint manufacturers, through the American Coatings Association (ACA), created PaintCare, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to administer paint programs in states that pass paint stewardship laws. The nonprofit set up new drop-off sites, arranges for the recycling and proper disposal of unused paint and conducts public outreach about proper paint management. Oregon’s program started four years ago. Since then, PaintCare has set up programs in California and Connecticut and Rhode Island. Programs are also being planned for Minnesota, Maine, and Colorado.

“Having 52 drop-off locations around the state has helped get the word out and helped us to safely collect and recycle almost forty thousand gallons of unused paint. Now that the program is off to a good start and running smoothly, we expect an even higher volume this fall as we increase advertising about the new program,” says Hurd.

More than 650 million gallons of architectural paint are sold each year in the U.S., and about 10 percent is available for recycling. Until now, leftover paint has been handled primarily by government-run household hazardous waste programs – many with strained budgets and limited days of operation.

PaintCare is funded by fees charged on each can of paint sold. The program pays for the transportation of leftover paint from drop-off sites to processors for recycling into new paint, energy recovery, or disposal. These fees will also assist PaintCare in its efforts to educate consumers on buying the correct amount of paint, using up leftover paint, keeping paint out of the trash, and recycling remaining unused paint.

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About PaintCare Inc.

PaintCare, a Washington D.C.-based product stewardship organization for the paint industry, and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources announced a statewide paint recycling program this spring. The program began on May 1st and now has set up 39 paint stores throughout the state to make it more convenient for the public to take unwanted paint for recycling year round.




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