A totally new series product, Airwheel E6 smart electronic bicycle, comes out

As the final fans of Airwheel, have you ever heard the E series product of Airwheel? If not, it doesn't matter since this article will guide you to overview this new comers. Different from the previous electric self-balancing scooters or skateboards, it is a folding electric bike, which can be applied for city travelling, and it is called Airwheel E6 electric bicycle.

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Why Airwheel name it as “E”? The letter “E” is the abbreviation of E-Bike. The whole E series products in the future will be marked as the intelligent folding e bike . According to some statistics, the electromobile has increased for these years and has gradually become the main way of commuting. E6 electric bicycle, as one of the members, will definitely has its place in the near future. 

Externally, E6 electric bike kit shows with X profile and adopts the aluminium material for keeping the body steady and also limiting its weight as 12.6kg. At the same time, after folding the main skeleton, seat, handrail and pedals, E6 e bike becomes small, with the size of 950mm×465mm×160mm. This also means that it can be easily taken into public transportation vehicles such as buses, subway or car trunks in spite of daily commuting or weekends travelling.

Airwheel believes that details decide everything and considers it as the important principle in real manufacturing so there is no exception for E6 electric-bikes. The modular battery design makes it no difficulty to learn and the battery pack can be replaced without any tool, which provides convenience for independently upgrading the endurance and maintaining the battery.

Besides, the high-efficient USB port expanded on the battery pack can charge phones or tablet computers. The separate seat with left and right parts is a new idea for making hip being stressed evenly. What’s more, the headlight is equipped for riding in nights and dark environment so that riders can be clear for the road conditions ahead of them and avoid dangerous vehicles or obstacles. Airwheel E6 will give you a wonderful riding experience.

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