"It was like watching the NBA Finals..."

Joshua Leonard - Actor - July 31 2014

Funny The Movie held some auditions in NYC that I wasn't able to attend, but they still gave me an opportunity at auditioning via video. I auditioned for one role hoping to hear anything good. This was the first time I've ever seen casting done by social media and it was amazing! It was like watching the NBA Finals lol Each day everyone would wait in hopes of seeing their name announced in the "Tweets."

After several days of hoping, wishing, praying, and congratulating everyone who was already cast, around 10pm May 25, "Excited to announce the role of the BLACK ITALIAN... Joshua Leonard (@therealj5ive on twitter). I was in disbelief, and very humbled by my role and still very thankful for my opportunity given to me. Who would of thought a homeless kid left homeless from the devastation of hurricane Katrina would still have the tenacity to never give up. I just have to thank Sancola Films and Funny The Movie for believing me! Let's GoOO!!! @TheRealJ5ive