The basically tools that would be used in the making process of the oil painting sketch

China – Most of handmade oil paintings consumers from which is the best online supplier for wholesale oil painting usually have question about what tools the artists use to paint the sketch of oil painting. Today, the painter from this famous online oil painting supplier will let people know about these tools.

Here are some main drafting tools for oil painting artists to begin the sketch.


Graphite bars and Carbon rod are all suitable for sketching on canvas or wood. However, the Graphite bars should have the better performance than others because it prints are lighter and easier to be wiped. The using for it is very them flexible and easy. On the other hand, the carbon rods can leave heavy lines so that the contour lines of the sketch will become more clearly.

The second tool is the charcoal pencil. The lines of the charcoal are smaller than other tools. So, it would be much more suitable for painting details in the oil painting sketch. Some people do not advocate the using of the pencil because the stereotype will pan up from canvas color layers. However, it depends on the favor of the painters.

The third tools are color chalk and crayons. These tools are very useful in the sketching process but it could oil painting reproductions China wholesale be not used too much on the oil painting canvas. On the other hand, the using for the white or light-colored chalk and crayons must be avoided. In this sketch of the oil painting, the excessive using of colored chalk or crayons will make the foundation of the oil painting become unstable.

Watercolor and acrylic colors are also the necessary part for the oil painting sketch. The thin watercolor painting does not have any effect on the covering of the paints.

The carbon is also the essential tools for the sketching process for oil painting. People can use the carbon to copy the sketch paper to the canvas.

In addition to above tools, in the early stage of the sketch, the hair gel, glue and other fixative is indispensable. For easy off-color materials, they should be sprayed with a fixative liquid. On the other hand, a variety of rubber, cloth and others are also essential goods in the process of sketching.

People should clear that the painting process for handmade oil painting is very complicated. That is why the making process of is very slowly. The skillful artists and professional equipments are the necessary foundation of the high quality oil painting.


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