Actor/Creator BEN GIROUX Stands Tall with Hip-Hop Artist JENSEN REED and American Idol Star TAMYRA GRAY in New Bad-Ass Comedy Rap “LITTLE DUDE ANTHEM”


LOS ANGELES (October 14, 2015) – Height-challenged actor/creator BEN GIROUX stands tall alongside indie hip-hop artist JENSEN REED and American Idol star TAMYRA GRAY in the new bad-ass comedy rap, LITTLE DUDE ANTHEM. Premiering October 20th on YouTube (, LITTLE DUDE ANTHEM is a call-to-arms for short guys everywhere.

Meeting women in a nightclub is difficult for a short guy. Heck, everything is a little tougher since it’s easy to be overlooked -- literally. But it’s not just a personal issue for Giroux. As an established actor, he’s fed up playing elves, leprechauns, and jockeys on television. Giroux explains, “LITTLE DUDE ANTHEM is a rallying cry for all the little dudes, as well as a big middle-finger to the roles I’ve been typecast in.”

Giroux first came up with the concept for LITTLE DUDE ANTHEM five years ago. In order to convert his stand-up comedy act into a hip-hop song, Giroux teamed-up with Jensen Reed, whose diverse musical abilities span from his latest album “The Left Coast” to his collaborations with YouTube star Taryn Southern to his ridiculous music videos, including the N.W.A. parody “Straight Out Da Office.” The duo spent the next six months writing the song and composing the track, developing a unique style in the vein of “Lonely Island” with the catchiness of Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” During this time, Giroux met singer Tamyra Gray (American Idol Season One finalist) while starring together in a theater production. He immediately knew she was the perfect vocalist for the song’s rhythmic choruses. 

For the video, Giroux and Reed called upon a few more friends to help, including: cinematographer Matthew Roe (DP for Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Moby), actor David Mattey (Better Call Saul), supermodel and Miss Paraguay Nicole Huber, choreographer Morgan Larson (Teen Beach Movie franchise), beat boy Gev Manoukian (So You Think You Can Dance finalist) and dancer Caitlynn Lawson (So You Think You Can Dance finalist).

Currently, fans will recognize Giroux for his recurring roles as ‘Little Zach’ on the CW’s popular Hart of Dixie and as ‘Dark Warrior’ on Disney XD’s teen comedy, Mighty Med. In addition, he has appeared in guest roles on dozens of shows, including Bones, House, Psych, Anger Management, 2 Broke Girls, Henry Danger, Sam & Cat and more. Giroux has also gained notoriety for starring-in and producing a variety of popular YouTube projects, creating the FML channel (FMLvideoguys) with cult-favorite “fail” videos, before becoming the executive producer of the FRED YouTube Channel (2.3 million subscribers). Now under his Small Red Cape production banner, Giroux is focused on acting and directing for his own channel, producing original comedy shorts with celebrity cameos and ultra-high production quality, in addition to starring in his long-running web series, SH*TTY DATES. Giroux and Reed look forward to their next insane collaboration.

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