Flatcracker software’s amazing and fun period tracking app titled “Period Plus” contains a period themed video game called “Cotton Plop”. It is the only period themed video game in the world. Since the game introduction back in May 28, 2013, it has been played over 600,000 times.

In the game, the user controls a bunny with a basket that captures cotton products (Tampons and maxi pads) while avoiding blood drops, by tilting back and forth their device.

Period Plus has been downloaded over 1.3 million times and can be found on the Apple app store! It’s available in ten languages.

With this app, users are able to track the following: breakouts, breast tenderness, cycle day, cramp intensity, exercise, intimacy, migraines, OB/GYN checkups, period duration and intensity, sleep patterns, spotting, stress levels, waking temperature for identifying ovulation dates, vitamin regime, weight changes and five additional customizable items.

Some of the app reviews include:

“I love this app. I am a very organized person, being able to keep track of everything going on with my body during my period is great. No more guessing when it’s coming or not being prepared.” – QueenBLD

“Awesome period app! Way to keep track of your periods and also if you have migraines you can add that too and you can make notes. Also great way for conception, lets you know ovulation dates and so on and so forth.” – Gina Williamson

“It is Useful to be able to look back at past timing and have future predictions. Good for planning and for when the doctor says “first day of your last cycle”… I never know but the app does!” – acpenni

“Kinda creepy how accurate. Like it’s bluetoothed to my uterus” – Janinne Suarez

Available on the apple store!

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