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4th March 2014, Plymouth - There are many manufacturers and sellers of labeling equipment out there in the market but very few of these possess the level of customer loyalty and trust that Accraply enjoys. And the reason behind the existence of this fact is the sheer dedication with which this company works towards providing clients with the highest quality label applicators at affordable prices. If you wish to know about the safety guidelines in place with the leading provider of labeling equipment, be sure to visit Accraply .com.

The US manufacturing sector trusts only Accraply to find effective and affordable solutions for all of their packaging and label application needs. The company offers a wide range of labeling equipment and other systems, including software solutions for managing these machines at extremely competitive prices.

At each Barry-Wehmiller facility, every stakeholder has an equal right to and responsibility for building a safe environment. We have a sincere, consistent commitment to a culture where safety is more than a priority; it is a company value. Safety is integral to everything we do. We, as stakeholders, are each responsible to model these values - Support and trust at every level in the organization allow the culture to flourish, Open communication allows us to recognize and address risks in the workplace, Each individual takes responsibility for their environment and works proactively to create a culture of safety, Each individual is empowered to identify unsafe situations, is compelled to act to resolve them, and when needed, to communicate the situation to those qualified for resolution and a sense of urgency to resolve issues.” said the owner of

These are the basic ideals upon which the e tire company is built and managed. You will find the essence of this safety covenant in every deal that you have with Accraply. Buying your labeling machines from this company is the right thing to do.

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Accraply, a subsidiary of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. is a worldwide provider of labeling equipment for a multitude of industries, as well as converting equipment for the flexible packaging and shrink sleeve label converting industries. Headquartered in Minnesota, USA, Accraply products are designed and manufactured in facilities located in Minnesota, USA, Ontario, Canada and Essex, UK with additional sales and service offices in California, USA and Illinois, USA along with sales and service representatives throughout the world.

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