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Perth, WA – The housing market is beginning to show signs of growth after the Reserve Bank of Australia reduced interest rates to their lowest in years.

Values across capital cities increased by 10% in the year to the end of last month. RP Data will release its monthly Home Value Index report next week showing an increase of 2.1% for the first 27 days of March. The data is encouraging but interest rates are likely not to remain at their current levels for long.

Home buyers are in a position to secure great interest rates on their first property.

But one challenge that many first time home buyers face is securing financing for their property. A wide range of financing services are available directly from Aveling Homes, one of leading home builders in Perth with extensive experience in the building industry.

No Worries Finance

Even without a substantial down deposit, borrowers can still be able to borrow up to 95% of the total loan amount. A credit card will be issued with a pre-approved amount which then reflects the Standard Variable Interest Rate for the loan. The card can be used to pay the remaining 5% of the total loan value.

Aveling Homes assists with financing by paying 50% of the weekly rent up to $200 a week for a period of 25 weeks. Terms and conditions apply but potential borrowers are encouraged to call Aveling Homes directly for more information about financing a home even with a small deposit.

First Home Owners Grant

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) scheme was first introduced in 2000 by the federal government to offset the effect of GST on home ownership and to assist those buying or building their first home. Those who meet the criteria are able to qualify for a one time $7,000 payment towards the purchase of a new property.

The consultants at Aveling Homes are here to provide guidance and assistance in applying for the grant which can then be used towards the purchase price of the home.

House and Land Package Loans

One attractive option for many first time home buyers is to look for home and land packages. Aveling Homes offers a wide range of luxurious designs to choose from in prime locations north and south of the river in addition to financing options for the best deals possible.

Bridging Loans

Bridge loans are short term financing options that can be beneficial for borrowers in certain situations such as if a new home is in the process of being constructed. These types of loans are designed to bridge the gap between an existing mortgage and the sale of a new home.

The financing division at Aveling Homes is able to provide assistance during the construction period and sale of an existing home.

About Aveling Homes

Aveling Homes is an award winning home builder based in Perth dedicated to providing exceptional service. Find out more about our display homes and our house and land packages by contacting one of our representatives today.

Visit the Aveling Homes website at for more details about our services and available financing options for first time home buyers.

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