Vikingsun- The Largest Retailer for Professional Japanese Knives in Sweden

Knives and its other accessories have always been the most important thing any kitchen have, be it an open home kitchen or a restaurant that serves various cuisines. In market, there are various shapes and sizes of knives that are available, which are used for different purposes. For any new food industry, it is important to make a note of which varieties of knives they would require to keep their business running and powerful, in assistance for their customers.

There are lots of Japanese Knives making companies, which specializes in designing sharp and long lasting knives of different materials such as steel, porcelain, ceramic and much more. The list of largest manufacturers for knives includes Kyocera, Satake Hi Tech, Chroma Type 301, Mcusta/ Zanmai brands that produces excellent quality knives and other kitchen accessories such as peelers, grillers, mandolins, scissors etc.

Talking about knives variety that have emerged in short time span, there are knives that are used for cutting garnishing toppings which are small in size as of 7-8 cm, to the extra-large butcher knives that are used for cutting meats and fishes. Apart from them, there are various medium sized knives that are used for all around purposes.

Vikingsun, the company started in 1994 is one of the largest suppliers of all these branded knives on a retail basis from last decade. The E-commerce portal, which has just been started allows retail store owners and industries to Köpa Professionalkniv. It also offers large supply of prestigious japansk stil kniv and Western-style knives, on bulk commercial orders.