Tourists in New Orleans Hunt Ghosts and Attempt to Converse with Spirits

(NEW ORLEANS, LA) The nearly 300-year-old French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana has long been a hot spot for paranormal activity. A city that is equally enchanting as it is mysterious, its dimly-lit streets are home to legendary murders, vampire appearances, and sightings of poor souls trapped between worlds. In 2015, roughly one million visitors (ten percent of 9.78 million total visitors) took a haunted tour while visiting New Orleans, according to a University of New Orleans Hospitality Research Center survey. On any given evening, multiple ghost tour groups of 20+ tourists each can be spotted, all listening intently to stories of hauntings as they frantically snap photos in their quest for proof of the afterlife. As interesting and entertaining as they may be, most will agree that if you have done one ghost tour, you have done them all…until now. 

“There is so much paranormal activity in New Orleans,” said James Corbyn, paranormal investigator and veteran New Orleans tour guide. “I want to give people the opportunity to have a much more intimate haunted experience than a typical ghost tour can provide.” To that end, Corbyn and his partners at New Orleans Secrets Tours have created a new and unique haunted experience that makes regular ghost tours pale in comparison. 

Named “The Secret Sessions,” the haunted adventure is structured in three parts: First, Corbyn distributes ghost hunting tools and leads his small group on a short walk to learn about the area’s paranormal activity while employing their tools in an active New Orleans ghost hunt. The second part has the group entering an actively haunted building where Corbyn conducts a hands-on course in paranormal investigation.  During this phase, guests can also examine ghost hunting and communication tools used in the Victorian era through today and explore haunted objects from Corbyn’s private collection. 

“And then comes the best part,” Corbyn stated. Part three, or “Communication,” as he calls it, is a full-blown Victorian spiritualism session designed to make contact with the other side. “During our initial walk outside, I invite the spirits to join us for the remainder of the evening. Between them and the building’s resident ghost, we typically have some sort of experience in the room.” Everyone is invited to participate, but those who choose to can simply watch instead. The evening concludes with a cleansing ritual to ensure no spiritual energy follows anyone home. 

The first Secret Sessions will be open to the public on Friday, May 20, 2016 and are currently available to book. Space is limited to thirteen people and advance reservations are required. The price for the experience is $55 per person and includes complimentary wine and beer.  All guests must be 21 or older and able to climb up and down one flight of stairs during the event. More information can be found at or by calling (504) 517-5397.


About New Orleans Secrets Tours

New Orleans Secrets Tours (NO Secrets Tours) unlocks the many historic and cultural mysteries of New Orleans. It is the collaboration between three highly-ranked tour guides who seek to give visitors an inside look at the unique and interesting city of New Orleans, whether they are interested in food, cocktails, history, nightlife, voodoo, or haunted experiences. 

Tour groups are kept small for a more intimate experience but larger, private groups can also be accommodated. The company’s passion and commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience, every time, is evidenced in a 99.98% Excellent review rating on TripAdvisor. For more information, please visit, call 504-517-KEYS (5397), or visit