5 Things You Need For Your Summer Holiday

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and if you are like most people, you are counting down the days! Some of this year’s most popular destinations include Istanbul, Beijing, Lisbon, and Prague, among other long-time favourites like London, Paris, and Rome. Major cities, including new cities to discover like Dubai, or beach destinations like Thailand all offer something in common: an escape from your daily work or school routine!

During the summer sale you can get great deals on everything you need to be a stylish globetrotter. And whether you prefer to travel wearing a velour jogging suit or first class business attire, there are a few items that you’ll be glad you didn’t leave behind—besides your passport of course!

Follow our guide to pack for your summer holiday and you’ll be trendy as you track across tourist sites and dine on local cuisine. And of course it’s all on sale now on Spartoo UK!

·         A large tote bag:  Do you want to go straight to the beach after lunch or shopping? Or planning to pick up some souvenirs at the local market? A large tote bag, packed and folded into your larger luggage during the flight, is perfect to carry absolutely everything, from your sunscreen, sunglasses, wallet and phone to all the little incidentals that you will run into along the way. For that little cardigan in case of a chill, or a complete change of clothes, you’ll be organized and carefree all day!

·         Flip flops: Even if your holiday isn’t a beach destination, flip flops are the perfect shoes for feeling relaxed. You will find them incredibly practical for wearing inside your hotel and at the pool. Of course if you are in a warm climate or planning to hit the beach, we don’t need to tell you how essential flip flops can be!

·         A large beautiful scarf: When packing light and not sure of the weather than awaits you, a great scarf is not only stylish but very practical. Scarves can be carried easily in your bag, and can serve to protect your neck and ears from cold wind, protect your hair from a sudden rainshower, keep your warm after the sun goes down, tie your hair up, replace a broken belt, or simply transform your day outfit into a classy evening ensemble. The right scarf can go a very long way!

·         Fashion trainers: Everyone knows how to spot a tourist—just check those big white trainers! But being comfortable and taking care of your feet doesn’t have to mean you look like you just stepped out of a retirement community! Today’s super trendy trainers are cool and sexy, with sleek designs and great colours that will set you apart and make you seem like a local. While others are complaining about the blisters caused from their lovely new sandals, you’ll be jumping and running all over town in your sporty kicks!

·         Friends and family: Don’t forget, holidays are about creating memories and having fun! All the stress of planning and packing for the trip can take away from the enjoyment of a wonderful vacation, so don’t forget what matters most. If you are taking a camera, try leaving your smartphone in the hotel safe when you go sightseeing to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the moment instead of just reading about it online! Be prepared to deal with changes in plans and things that might go wrong. Take it all in stride and laugh it off—you are on holiday after all!