Mentholatum Launches New Lavender Scented Nighttime Chest Rub to Pleasantly Soothe and Effectively Relieve Coughs

The Mentholatum Company today announced the launch of Mentholatum® Nighttime Vaporizing Rub, a new and innovative chest rub specially formulated for nighttime use, which combines a pleasant lavender scent in a maximum strength formula to effectively soothe and relieve cough and cold symptoms.

Chest rubs have been widely used for more than a century because they work. They are a trusted and safe topical cough and cold remedy, which American families have been using to effectively relieve coughs and muscle aches for generations. Yet, the company’s research showed that users wanted an effective product that offered an alternative to the medicinal smell traditionally associated with a chest rub.

The introduction of Mentholatum® Nighttime Vaporizing Rub with its soothing lavender scent gives users a pleasant, calming experience when applying.  Additionally, its maximum strength cough relieving formula lasts up to eight hours, a combination that is perfect for bedtime use.

“We listened to consumers to better understand how they used chest rubs and what their needs and preferences are,” said Angela Ho, Mentholatum US Marketing Director for Heritage and Pain Relief products. “Not surprisingly, we found they use a chest rub because it is effective at relieving coughs. But we also found that consumers would use chest rub more often if we can improve the scent. Parents will find their children more willing to allow them to apply a chest rub with a more pleasant scent.”

Mentholatum® Nighttime Vaporizing Rub will join Mentholatum® Original Ointment and Mentholatum® Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids to complement the Mentholatum product suite. “We are very excited to offer this to consumers,” said Jean Legros, the VP of Marketing & Sales of Mentholatum US company. “This is our 125th year in business helping provide a healthier life for American families. We take our relationship with our customers very seriously — we will continue to innovate and bring them products that meet their needs.”

Mentholatum® Nighttime Vaporizing Rub will be available at retailers this fall, just in time for the height of the cough and cold season. The suggested retail price is $6.99, and during its launch a $1 coupon will be included on each box, along with a Scratch and Sniff sticker, allowing consumers to experience the scent before purchase.

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