Traveling Breeze Debuts New Portable, Fan-Cooled Outdoor Chair

Two powerful, quiet fans are integrated into the innovative chair design to cool your back and neck.

Just in time for the inevitable summer heat, Traveling Breeze Leisure Products LLC has unveiled the Air-C20, the first portable, fan-cooled outdoor chair.

This innovative product keeps people comfortable and refreshed as they relax outdoors – whether they’re camping, watching a ballgame, sitting around the pool, or just kicking back with family and friends.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the chair’s patent-pending technology integrates two powerful, efficient fans. The highly portable system delivers about three hours of refreshing air to chair occupants between charges.

The durable, powder-coated frame has an extra-wide seat and extra-tall back. Weighing only 15 pounds, it’s easy to carry, use, store and clean.

“We’ve truly created the world’s coolest chair,” says Traveling Breeze President Greg Squires. “Everyone who sits in this chair is absolutely blown away by the experience, so we’re excited to bring it to the backyards of as many people as possible.”

Beyond helping people to stay cool and refreshed, moving air has been shown to serve as an effective natural mosquito repellent.

Available in sky blue and olive green, the Air-C20 chair includes a rechargeable battery, battery charger and heavy-duty carrying bag.

The chair is currently available for order by visiting or calling 1.877.586.2921. Individuals will receive a $20 discount to the $99.00 retail price by entering the coupon code: Coolfriend14. 


About Traveling Breeze

Traveling Breeze Leisure Products, LLC is a manufacturer of effective and affordable outdoor comfort products. Led by an experienced team of engineers and entrepreneurs, the company has developed a proprietary fan system that delivers cooling air to consumers through a range of innovative devices. Follow us on Facebook.