Panolam® Surface Systems Presents The Barista Collection by Nevamar at GlobalShop 2015 (Booth 3229 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas)

Also Featured: ThruColor™ HPL and Custom Digital FRL® Fiber Reinforced Laminate Specifically Designed for Retail Environments

Panolam® Surface Systems, a leading supplier of integrated surface solutions is set to present The Barista Collection by Nevamar®, the company’s new line of technically innovative high pressure laminate (HPL) products at the GlobalShop 2015. Held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas March 24-26, GlobalShop is the largest annual visual merchandising trade show and conference for the retail design industry in North America.

“With the introduction of The Barista Collection by Nevamar, Panolam Surface Systems continues its longstanding tradition of bringing technical innovation and sophisticated design to the retail design industry, while also offering the industry’s broadest selection of integrated surface solutions,” said Al Kabus, President and CEO of Panolam Surface Systems. “And we’re delighted to present the Barista Collection here at GlobalShop 2015.”

Comprised of sixteen elegantly neutral wood grains and abstract visuals, The Barista Collection is designed to facilitate harmony and compatibility among all finishes and furnishings in a wide range of interior environments.

Panolam’s Senior Director of Design & Communications, Debbie Sulewski explains, “Throughout history, many good ideas that have influenced progress and driven change often have roots in the university or urban coffeehouse environment that served as a backdrop to collaborative thought remixed into great ideas. Likewise, we believe The Barista Collection sets the stage for colors, textures and shapes to work together to create stunning interior environments. Also, The Barista Collection is about serving our client base from designer to end-user and broadening our communication platform.”

Panolam is also featuring the Pionite ThruColor™ HPL (high pressure laminates) and Custom Digital FRL® Fiber Reinforced Laminate product lines. Developed specifically for edge applications, ThruColor™ HPL is a unique color-through laminate that provides continuous color to the edges of the finished product. Additionally, Pionite’s Custom Digital FRL® Fiber Reinforced Laminate products are ideal for wall murals, fixtures and displays in retail environments.

Like all Panolam Surface Systems’ products, The Barista Collection, ThruColor™ HPL and HPL and TFL lines are manufactured entirely in North America.

“Our booth here at the GlobalShop will also highlight our Nevamar and Pionite brands as well as demonstrate our overall systems approach at Panolam,” said Ms. Sulewski.

About Panolam

For more than 70 years, Panolam Surface Systems has engineered and manufactured high-quality, innovative surfacing solutions for a wide range of contract, industrial and residential applications. With an extensive line of high-pressure laminates, thermofused laminates, fiberglass reinforced laminates and other specialty products available in hundreds of colors and styles under the well-known Panolam, Nevamar, Pionite, Pluswood, Conolite, and other brand names.  Panolam Surface Systems provides the vision, value and versatility designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors are looking for today.  For more information, visit


The Barista Collection by Nevamar

Pattern Descriptions

Eight new wood designs, including native species and exotic fruitwoods:

Breve & Carajillo – A calm and tranquil visual, this wood grain provides depth with an air of mystery.

Zulu – Exotic and dramatic, this wood grain piques the senses while making a bold interior statement. Ideally suited for feature wall or accent application.

Mazagran - This subtle caramelized grain is smooth on the sensory palette. Ideally suited for a multitude of interior spaces ranging from residential to retail.

Macchiato – With depth and character, this intriguing wood grain seduces other colors and textures.

Palazzo – A straighter grain that eludes warmth, this lighter mocha brown emerges from the deep dark espresso browns of recent past.

Chai and Bailey – Two fine cross grain oak visuals, Chai features a lighter, creamy grain, while Bailey’s medium tone exudes a mood of mystery which changes depending on finish chosen.


Eight new abstracts from the subdued to the adventurous:

Eiskaffe and Calypso – Raw and industrial like poured concrete or embossed metal, these designs celebrate the beauty in imperfections.

Rush – This design is inspired by aged metal or ancient earthenware that is tranquil and yet mysterious as if savoring a first flush tea from ancient Japanese raku-ware.

Kopi Susu and Frappe – These multi-directional painterly designs have a handcrafted, artisan appeal.

Crema – The light and wispy movement in this design delivers elegance and grace ideally suited for atmospheres that require a sense of calm and well-being. Perfect for hospitality and healthcare environments.

Dragonfly and Yunnan – This variegated structured bamboo pattern, which features a labyrinth of rising bamboo stalks in implied atmospheric conditions, pairs well with many textures and colors. The warmth of Dragonfly is reflected in the rising sun, while Yunnan is a cool serene charcoal gray as if the bamboo forest is blanketed in low cloud and mist.