Enhanced Connections with Ethernet over Copper from Wavenet

To continue to provide reliable solutions at low-cost rates, Wavenet UK, a leading provider of Unified Communications, enhances its range of connections using Ethernet over Copper.

[Shirley, West Midlands, January 06, 2014] –Wavenet UK, a leading Unified Communications provider, offers Ethernet over Copper (EoC) interface for reliable network connections. The interface comes with a range of features, making it an increasingly attractive and more cost-effective solution for businesses.

Improving Network Connections

EoC offers even higher speed connectivity over an existing copper network. With its enhanced connectivity capabilities, businesses can benefit from more bandwidth than traditional cable and DSL. EoC also supports business applications such as IP telephony, video conferencing, and cloud computing without any disruptions to the network.

If required,for faster installations, Wavenet UK will send their own specialist, in-house team of technicians to install the connection.

Offering Flexible and Reliable Solutions at Low-Cost Rates

EoC enhances private networks, including MPLS, VPN, and pre-existing WAN. It also uses the same jack connection as with conventional Ethernet cables, making it compatible with existing routers and data networks. EoC is made up of intertwined telephone lines making it more cost-effective than other materials used for Ethernet connections.

For these two significant reasons in particular, it has become increasingly attractive to businesses – namely, its cost-effectiveness and simplicity.

Maintaining High-Level Performance

With EoC, businesses can expect an increase in productivity and improvements in their communication processes. To supplement EoC connections, Wavenet UK continues to deliver feature-rich solutions and support for clients. Wavenet UK Director, Bill Dawson, highlighted recently that the company is focusing on investing in the right people and products for quality service that is ethical, profitable, and sustainable.

About Wavenet UK

Wavenet UK is one of England's leading communications technology companies. The company aims to provide streamlined connections and integrated solutions to give businesses a competitive edge. As a premier Unified Communications provider, Wavenet UK takes pride in having a carrier-class network infrastructure and expert personnel.
The company offers a range of services and platforms for both data and voice communications. They offer Fibre Optic Broadband, hosted VoIP, PABX systems, network IVR, and other solutions for improved communication processes.

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