Party like a Wolf of Wall Street. The whole truth about parties of EmGoldex

All conferences of Emgoldex are always identified by their proper and professional organization. All events organized by the company and its leaders are at the highest level. In addition to the conferences, there is also thought over an entertainment program for guests, so they do not have to miss a minute! Business creation, especially when it concerns gold, is always associated with the maintenance of the strong status and perfect reputation of the companyEmgoldex meets this requirement with pleasure.

One of the big surprises at the conference in St. Petersburg during the feast of "Scarlet Sails" was a gala concert and dinner on board of the frigate "Grace." Frigate "Grace" is historically valuable reconstruction of triple-decker liner ship of the end of the 18th century. It is a complex of restaurants built in the architectural tradition of St. Petersburg.

The party on board of the frigate “Grace” was a real Adventure for all the participants of the Emgoldex conference. Beautiful ladies in golden dresses with nice crowns welcomed them at the entrance. The quests of the event expressed a great desire to take photos with golden ladies for memory.

The Gala Dinner was held in a large hall, where there was organized a concert for the guests. It includes the performance of a pop singer, the belly dance of a dancer in a gold costume, and the wonderful action of a dance and the violin. Just after the concert there was a bright and loud disco, where many guests amazed everyone with a perfect dancing. Moreover, some even enjoy singing songs. The holiday was excellent, all the people were full of of positive emotions!

Another amazing surprise for guests of the event was the exclusive cake in the form of the gold bar

These events to the Emgoldex customers are intended to have great and relax time after hard and active work. As it is known, any business creation includes hundreds of thousands of work hours. The better you work, the great you relax! The customers of Emgoldex are always characterized by their ability not only to work hard, but also to celebrate their achievements, financial victories and personal growth!

There is still a lot of victories and achievements ahead! This means that we'll have a lot of Emgoldex activities again and again! These events are becoming more colorful, brighter and remembered forever!

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