The AA Big Book Celebrated Its 75th Birthday In April This Year

United States 20th May 2014- Alcoholics Anonymous, or the AA big book – the seminal text for AA international mutual aid fellowship celebrated its 75th birthday last month, April 2014. The book is the brainchild of AA cofounder Dr. Bob S and Bill W. and sought to conceptualize and codify a road map for leading alcohol addicts away from the inebriated wilderness of their addiction. The Big Book along with other AA recovery gifts such as AA coins or AA chips are now available online with websites like My12StepStore and you can buy these gifts or the books to help someone you know to get free of their addiction or can also send as gifts anywhere in the country for the same purpose.

Presently the fourth edition of the book is available in the market in print, digital and also in audio formats as well as Brail and American. Providing a blueprint for recovering from alcohol addiction the AA big book has successfully helped millions of alcoholics from all over the world. But as the book states, once an alcoholic has found the solution for his addiction it is then his responsibility to communicate with others like him and offer help. As an ex-alcohol addicted it will be much easier for him to gain the addict’s confidence within a very short period of time and if such an agreement is not achieved possibly little can be achieved.

Apart from helping addicts with a blueprint for their addiction removal, the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship also encourage alcoholics to stay abstained for alcohol consumption by presenting them with AA medallions, AA chips and also AA coins for staying continuously sober for certain duration of time. If an alcoholic stays sober for a period of one year then a sober birthday or a sobriety anniversary is celebrated and they are also presented with other recovery gifts as tokens and gestures of inspiration of motivation. A limited number of commemorative editions of the AA big book was also published and made available against orders placed for a limited period.

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