Family Car Hire Options from Aries Car Rental

Aries Car Rental offers affordable car hire options to families traveling across Perth. Clients can choose from two types of people movers, which can fit about seven to eight persons

[Perth, May 19, 2014] – Aries Car Rental, a leading car hire service in the country, makes it easier for families to visit Perth with their affordable family car hire options. According to the company, a people mover is an ideal solution to get around the city, as tourist attractions are spread out over large distances. With a minivan that can fit about seven to eight persons comfortably, families will not have to worry about being on the road for hours, especially those travelling with kids.

Providing Great Car Choices

Aries Car Rental offers two car options for families and big groups, namely Hyundai IMAX and Nissan Dualist +2. The company notes that both cars have received numerous awards in the country for the best people mover category.

Hyundai Max is a spacious, fully automatic eight-seater that features remarkable seating flexibility, fuel efficiency and advanced safety mechanisms. Also known as the Qashqai in Europe, Nissan Dualis +2, is a sporty, stylish seven-seater that is part-SUV and part-hatch. Families will enjoy being on the road using the car’s cruise control, inbuilt sat nav and reverse camera. Aries Car Rental explains that the cruise control helps clients save on fuel costs, which is perfect for long distance country driving. Furthermore, Nissan Dualis +2’s sat nav helps first-time visitors travel without getting lost in the country’s outback.

Offering Exceptional Service

Aries Car Rental offers great value for money, as the company provides free 24/7 roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance with reasonable excess charges. Aries Car Rental also provides preferential rates for long term and regular hires.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Aries Car Rental assists families and make sure they get the car that suits their travel requirements. Furthermore, the company offers after hours pick up and drop off, which is convenient for clients following strict itineraries.
For Aries Car Rental, families deserve to travel in comfort and style. With affordable family car hire options, clients will not have to spend a fortune to take a tour around Perth.

About Aries Car Rental

Aries Car Rental offers a range of small, medium and sports utility vehicles at competitive rates. The company also has eight-seater commuters that are perfect for families and big groups. Located a few minutes from Perth Airports, the car rental company provides free parking in their yard and after hours pick up and drop off service.

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