Have a Luxurious Journey by Bus

Ahmedabad and Mumbai are two busy as well as important cities of two neighboring states, Gujarat and Maharashtra. While the cultures as well as the characteristics of these two cities are quite different, but nevertheless there are certain similarities too. For instance both these cities are the commercial and business capitals of the respective states. For this reason, many people from these two cities often commute for business as well as work purposes. And for people who need to commute frequently between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, the best mode of transport is by bus since it would not only be cost effective but the bus tickets are also easily available.

Flights or trains would of course help you to reach your destination faster but it is not easy to get train tickets within a few days notice and flight tickets would cost you a fortune. For people who need to travel frequently between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, neither flights nor trains are a practical choice. But there are many bus operators who offer budget as well as luxurious Ahmedabad to Mumbai bus. The best thing about these bus services is that there is also the option of bus online booking. You would find many websites that not only offer a list of bus service operators from Ahmedabad to Mumbai but would also allow you to compare the prices of the various kinds of buses offered by the different operators.

The roadway distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is about 962 km and it takes around nine and half hours. There are strategic stops at certain points for the bus and hence you would not have any kinds of problems. The roads are pretty nice such that you would not feel the effects of a long journey on reaching the destination i.e. either Ahmedabad or Mumbai. If you opt for the luxurious buses which are although a little expensive, but are nevertheless better than even trains or flights in many ways. For one this these buses are completely air conditioned like flights but with much greater leg space and much better seats that you can also push back for a comfortable ride. For overnight journey on Ahmedabad to Mumbai bus you can opt for the sleeper coaches too.

If you choose to travel by bus, you do not need to plan in advance or wait for cheap tickets for a long time. Anytime you plan for a trip to Mumbai from Ahmedabad or vice versa, you can just book your bus tickets online. All you would need is a computer or a mobile and an Internet connection. The buses are usually on time and since there are frequent services, you would not have to wait a long time for bus online booking. In India especially the network of roadways is such that taking the bus is not only the cheapest option for travel but also the most convenient. Hence next time you travel to and from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, make sure you check out the bus tickets.

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