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There are plenty of news which keeps on happening in Bengali community and which needs to be covered so as to enable the Bengali speaking readers know what is actually happen. Deshe Bideshe is one such newspaper which updates the people on the current happenings. Moreover with the passage of time it has developed a huge base which has spread it s popularity far and wide. There are various newspaper which comes in a pan of 1 day, weekly etc but when it comes to Top Bangla news, Deshe Bideshe is the ultimate newspaper which must be referred to because it is the link between the Bengali culture and the people. Hence the Bengali community are now at ease because the Top newspaper in Bangla can easily be read with the help of it. With the help of technology it has made a rapid development and is also available on line which has further made the people to be well versed with the news they want. The on line version, mobile version all these developments have increased its base in leaps and bounds. So when it comes to newspaper concerning the Bengali tradition and community Deshe Bideshe is the ultimate choice which will provide a comprehensive focus.

Since Deshe Bideshe caters to the Bengali community and it is the ultimate voice of the Bengali people. The news ranges from politics, sports, entertainment, technology etc. This has made Deshe Bideshe as one of the most popular Bangla newspaper. There are many newspaper available but the way it presents the news is praiseworthy and this is why it is tagged the best. The Bengali news is portrayed in a very proper manner which leads to better understanding and reference. The language is in simple terms which helps to make it one of the most sought after newspaper. Readers can easily understand the language and can be satisfied of their quest for news.

The news is given more preference and there is no compromise in the quality of the news. The publication is everyday and full concentration is given so that the news is collected with full dedication which enables to attract the new readers. This helps to attract new readers and retain the old ones. This is the reason why it is at the topmost position. The full emphasis is provided on the news so that the authenticity is reflected. The on line version has provided it a huge boost since people sitting in any corner of the world can refer to the news with ease and flexibility. There is a presence of Bengali community everywhere and it is through this newspaper that they can grasp the news they need since this newspaper is completely dedicated to the Bengali community. Hence people staying far off can now have relief because the on line version is very user friendly and the Bengali readers can get a feel of their home and culture through it. It is a main source of link for them.

Deshebideshe is a Bengali news portal for Bangladesh news and all worldwide Bangla news. Global voice of the Bengali community

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