Looking for superior industrial powder coatings, Specialty Industrial Coatings is the place!

The industrial painting contractors at Specialty Industrial Coatings have been in business in Lakeville, Indiana since 2009. Locally owned and operated they were formed to meet the needs of customers in the South Bend area requiring a professional application of a wide range of industrial protective coatings. Over the years they have expanded their client base to include Indianapolis, Chicago and surrounding areas in the Midwest United States.

Using only the highest quality industrial protective coatings from leading manufacturers their goal is to provide each customer with a durable, long-lasting protective finish that meets their exact specifications. In addition to industrial powder coating, Specialty Industrial Coatings also provides Sandblasting and Industrial Teflon® coating. They have the unique ability to handle large heavy parts.

Some of the industrial coatings applied by Specialty Industrial Coatings include:

  • DuPont™ Teflon® FEP liquid and powder – This nonstick coating creates a nonporous film that provides excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and abrasion, as well as low friction, cryogenic stability, non-wetting properties, and unique electrical properties

  • Epoxy – Formulated for your specific performance requirements, epoxy coatings are mixed to produce a tough finish that is resistant to water, chemicals and solvents

  • Silicone – Silicone coatings offer improved durability and enhanced gloss and color retention. These finishes are resistant to corrosion, electrical discharge, moisture and weather conditions

  • Polyester Urethane – This range of powder coating products offers protection for indoor and outdoor

Specialty Industrial Coatings knowledgeable and experienced team members can recommend the best industrial coatings for your industrial, automotive, RV parts, or any steel or metal components requiring a protective coating. In the near future they will be installing an automated line to further enhance the services that they provide to their customers.

Specialty Industrial Coatings recently updated their website which includes a fresh design, easy navigation and a mobile website to ensure a user friendly experience for visitors accessing their site with their mobile device.

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