Paul Cottle Construction In Portland, Creates Beautiful Bathroom Spaces

Portland OR, 26-MARCH-2014 - Paul Cottle Construction and Paul Cottle are pleased to announce that they offer the best results for homeowners who want to upgrade and renovate bathroom spaces. Successful renovations require the elements of careful planning, the best quality products and successful implementation of the design features. The Portland bathroom remodeling contractor firm is one of the best in the business at accomplishing every one of these elements.

Paul Cottle spoke in an interview recently, "It is a growing trend today to stay in existing homes rather than move to a larger or better equipped residence. The features of the current home can be renovated to meet the needs of a growing family, or one with different requirements. Adding a second or third bathroom or improving the functionality of existing bathrooms makes sense from a number of standpoints."

He continues, "The projects can be small or extensive. We can improve the storage space, add or enhance lighting and change color schemes as desired. Upgrading the kind of tired, dated appearance that is part of older homes is a popular project with many homeowners in the area. If you want a garden tub, we can make it happen. Changing the colors of the room may be all that is needed. Sometimes adding venting and air control features is the touch you need."

For those homeowners who are in the planning stages of a project, the company offers a helpful ebook entitled, "The Complete Guide to Northwest Bathroom Remodels". It describes and informs about every part of the remodeling or renovation project. For homeowners looking for assistance on working with a contractor, the ebook is especially useful.

Learn more about bathroom remodeling and renovation projects by visiting the web pages found at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Paul Cottle at the location presented below.

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